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Blue Screen Again
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ThinkPad X1 Extreme slow performance

I bought a ThinkPad X1 Extreme and I've been using it since nearly two weeks now. My set-up specs are: 


Intel Core i7 8750H


512GB SSD WDC PC SN720 SDAQNTW-512G-1001

NVIDIA GeForce 1050Ti with Max-Q

4K Touch display 

Windows 10 Pro


Given such gorgeous specs, I was expecting a lightining fast machine. However, it doesn't feel so.

Cold boot (restart) takes usually from 15s to 20s. Normal boot (Windows fast start-up) is taking from 10s to 15s. 

Wake up from sleep also takes long, nearly 10s. The screen needs 5s to go from black (with the power button led still flashing) to login screen and from there it takes another 5s to activate biometrics (fingerprint and Windows Hello), verify identity and then enter desktop.

Word and Excel need 2s to open (wich is 1s more than a 4 years old ASUS laptop I was using before, with way worse specs).

Matlab R2106a requires an outstanding 40s to open, while on an old MacBook Pro only needs 15s. 

VirtualBox needs 7s to open and Ubuntu 18.04 LTS from VirtualBox took nearly 1 full minute to show the login screen. 

Plugging the AC cable does make some difference, however not so much for heavy software like Matlab (30s with AC). And all this was with max performance mode setted within Windows and also Lenovo Vantage utility software. 


I don't think it's something hardware related, since Cinebench is giving me 1365 cb with Windows increased battery mode and 2178 cb with AC plugged in and max performance mode. The SSD also is really fast, using Crystal disk mark it has a 3.6GB/s sequential read speed and 1.7GB/s sequential write speed. However i cannot understand what is going wrong. 

All of the drivers are updated and so is the Windows/Lenovo software. 

I can't perform a factory reset now beacuse I need it for university, but I read somewhere that forcing the OS to use the NVIDIA GPU could give a better overall performance, because of the 4K display. However that would also mean a big decrease in battery life. 


Overall, it's not tremendously slow, I was just expecting a WHOLE LOT more. I want to love this laptop, given its incredible design, but something is reining it in.

Could anybody here with a X1E help me out and give me some other benchmarks to have some comparisons, so that I could understand if this is just me or a real problem? And maybe, if anyone has or had the same issue, have you found any solution? 


P.S. maybe it is worth saying that I tried without success (still don't know the reason) to do a dual boot Windows 10 - Ubuntu 18.04 and I poked around in the BIOS boot settings to make it work, but after giving up I deleted all of the Ubuntu/GRUB files and re-set all the default out-of-the-box BIOS settings. 

Punch Card
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Re: ThinkPad X1 Extreme slow performance

I have X1X with 8300h and 256GB SSD and fhd screen.

I downloaded clean Windows 10 by MediaCreationTool ( and installed only drivers from windows update (without software from Lenovo page).

Everything works pretty fast, but I don't have a comparison to similar systems.


Boot time from power button press to the login screen - 12s, from the login screen to desktop (fingerprint scan) + 4s = 16s total

Wake from sleep to desktop with fingerprint scan - 6s.

Cinebench R20 1650pts on performance mode with stock settings (little undervolt 2000pts).


Cold Ubuntu 18.04 start - 21s to login screen + 5s to desktop. From saved machine state - 8s to desktop.


PS. Ubuntu 18.04 does not work very well on X1X (wifi speed problems, crazy system cooling, sometimes hangs on boot), use 19.04 instead, but don't expect too much. It does not work as well as old laptops with Intel GPU only. Maybe future Ubuntu releases change something, but for now, in my opinion, is unusable for professional use.

Blue Screen Again
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Re: ThinkPad X1 Extreme slow performance

Thank you really much for your answer. 

I have Windows 10 Pro. Will Media Creation Tool delete my Pro edition and install the Home edition? 

Also, since my Cinebench score is lower than yours when unplugged from AC, do you think my problem is something that a clean Windows 10 install can fix? Or is it something more hardware related? 

Punch Card
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Re: ThinkPad X1 Extreme slow performance

In MediaCreationTool you can select windows version, select win 10 pro and create bootable pen drive.
About results, everything above is on AC power.

On battery, I have much worse results eg. Cinebench R20 only 900pts. Ubuntu 18.04 in Virtualbox 40s to login screen + 5s to desktop.
Its slower on battery, but in my case is totally passive cooled.

I don't think windows reinstall change something in Cinebench score, but system startup may improve.
I don't think its with hardware related, your Cinebench result 2178 pts is much better than 1650 pts on i5 8300h.
Core Memory
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Re: ThinkPad X1 Extreme slow performance

 Clean install X1E,  Windows pro,  and my boot up time is about 14 seconds. This is with the power cable plugged in. Longer if it’s on battery. Hope this helps a little bit. 

Blue Screen Again
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Re: ThinkPad X1 Extreme slow performance

Do you guys think that it is something related to the Lenovo power management? Like for example what the Lenovo Vantage app does. If so, if i do a clean install of windows 10, should i avoid to re-install the Lenovo Vantage app? 

Fanfold Paper
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Re: ThinkPad X1 Extreme slow performance


I have had several laptop brands, and i noted that the fastest to POST/Boot are the hp,

  • Lenovo usually takes between 4s and 6s only to POST and 13s to desktop on a 970 EVO Plus, 
  • Dell XPS 9560 6s to POST and 12 to 16s to desktop on a 960 EVO
  • HP (spectre 13, omen 15, envy i5 and envy with ryzen 3) can POST in less than 1s and  boot to desktop on 4s (fastest) to 6s (slowest)
  • Apple (last i had was the 2012) bootcamp 8-10s (UEFI windows install)
  • Acer 2s to 3s to POST and 10s to Desktop on a SATA M.2 [Edited]

Resume from suspend Apple on MacOS is awesome 1s, HP Second and DELL/Lenovo i prefer to shut them down because 7s to resume is unacceptable


this X1 on battery throttles too much, i think to keep the fans off because as soon as the CPU hits 60C sends the PROCHOT signal and goes to .8 to 1GHz. disabling PROCHOT with throttlestop helps, but still does not like to raise the cpu clock above 2.5GHz often or for too long.


I have tried Max Performance BIOS Settings, repasting and undervolting and all give you performance gains but disablin PROCHOT and setting SpeedShift to 32 give me more performance on battery.


I use them for relative large XLSX Files  which is single threaded most of the time,

Visual Studio, SQL Queries and a lot of google chrome





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