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ThinkPad X1 Yoga 1st Gen - audio cuts out when lifting the laptop



I've recently noticed that the audio cuts out if lifting the ThinkPad X1 Yoga from a specific part of the chassis. Draw an imaginary line from the PrtSc key towards the lower edge of the keyboard and holding the laptop from that position to lift up, results in the audio cutting out.

It's quickly rectified by either refreshing the browser tab or (because I use the Chromeflags option) mute and unmute the tab I'm viewing using the embedded icon option.

Bizzarre as it doesn't happen if resting your hand on the same spot, so it seems the pinching effect on the cover against the chassis while lifiting the laptop is having some effect.

I have posted a seperate message on replacement clips for the X1 Yoga's lower cover, just curious if anybody else witnessed sound cutting out when manhandling the unit?

Hopefully it's just the broken clip causing a temporary flex of the chassis making some contact temporarily move, but also having seen loads of negative material of a fruity smartphone whose internal components fail due to chassis flex resulting in circuitboards cracking and making short circuits occur.

It's not the speakers, as their placement is elsewhere. Has anybody else witnessed this temporary audio cutting out issue? If so, could you outline the steps taken to resolve.

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