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Blue Screen Again
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Registered: ‎07-23-2018
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ThinkPad X1 Yoga 3rd 20LD keyboard malfunctioning

Writing from my PC, as of over a month ago my brand new ThinkPad had the latest windows update and turned into a worthless unproductive screen and touchpad system. I have waited on updates and since then the BIOS, some hotkeys and other keyboard related drivers have been updated. All related drivers have been re-installed all up-to-date etc. Though currently the following things occur when typing, when pressing:
"backspace key" once= replace last key with a y

"backspace key" hold= replace last key with a y and keep placing y's

"n" key= adds a space before every n typed so it would look like le novo

"y" key once= nothing happens

"y" key hold= places y's

"j" key= types out "<j"

Spamming letters: random fn keys are activated, eg sound brightness etc.

"=" key= the "°" degree symbol

"-" key= "/"


And many more examples like this, basically have no clue what to do; I've called Lenovo and the store I bought it from; both replied that I had to wait for updates though I am not really counting on that being a solution anytime soon so I would hugely appreciate your time in providing a solve for my problem!


Thanks for your time, Andreas

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