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ThinkPad X230 WWAN MC7700 Windows 10 Firmware problem - cannot see simcard



I do have X230 , and recently i Have decided to buy LTE modem (WWAN) because i'm traveling a lot and need internet access. Also in Poland we have Aero2 nation wide network with very cheap data packets (1$ for 3 GB, or 5$ for 30GB for 30 days) so it is a lot of data as for "backup" connection.


So i Have ordered Sierra WIreless MC7700 because that card is whitelisted in Bios and can be used on that particular machine.


And..... card was not working at all, GPS not working, i Have started downloading GPS enablers and drivers for that card from lenovo but it was a time when windows 10 was "new" there were problems with drivers etc. but i have managed to get it working. everything was fine till the day that i Have ordered 16 GB of RAM and LITEON 256 GB SSD drive to make the mashine a bit more efficent. I had to install Clean copy of WIN 10 because of drive swap, and now i cannot connect with WWAN.


The card is shown in device manager, i see it in notification center, alsow in control panel internet settings I do have Mobile listed.


But it does not want to "see" the simcard. That is exactly the same simcard as before, and the simcard when inserted to the external mobile hotspot or phone is working flowlesly. But not inside my laptop.


I was trying to download firmware for it to reload it to the card, but the installer on Lenovo repository is broken.


file g7w606ww.exe is broken, i have tested it on several machines in order to download and install.


what do I need more ?


I also have installed:


Really I'm bored and disappointed with Lenovo, when it was IBM, things were way better.

3 months i'm lookin in to solution without results.


I'm afraid that is last model from Lenovo that i'm buing, and i do own company, and i will need more hardware in future.

Besides stupid locking "compatible" devices in bios (if i want install some hardware in a device that i own and i paid for it there should not be "genuine" check. But maby it's just me (i'm opensource / openhardware being.



So how to fix that, and where the hack do i have to call to get drivers dot exe ,that are not corrupted, and how is it possible that noone in the world noticed that ?


waiting for any help.



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Re: ThinkPad X230 WWAN MC7700 Windows 10 Firmware problem - cannot see simcard

I have the exact same problem.


Tried all the above steps on my mc7700 on x230 with a clean installed windows 10. The working sim card on x220 could not be recognized. 


Lenovo, please help!

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Re: ThinkPad X230 WWAN MC7700 Windows 10 Firmware problem - cannot see simcard

I think I might find the solution here:


I am using Bell sim card in Canada, and the sim card is working on my x220 with MC8355 gobi3000 running Windows 7 SP1 pro.


On my x230 with MC7700 running Windows 10, I installed the MC7700 driver software for Windows 10 from the Lenovo site:


After installing the driver, the device/network adapter can be recognized correctly in the device manager. And the first time activation/cell connection was successful once the sim card being inserted:


1,Turn on the cellular through Win 10 action center or network setting.

2,Network setting taskbar menu shows the it can find the Bell cellular signal.

3,Click "connect" and the cellular connection is successful.


However, once turning off the cellular radio through Win 10 action center or taskbar network menu, and turning it back on again, there is no cellular signal can be found anymore. Network menu always shows that "Cellular On" but "Cellular: No Service"


Sometimes, disabling the MC7700 network adapter from the device manager and re-enabling it, or simply restarting the machine, then the Bell cellular signal appears again, and is available for connection.


I originally thought it could be a driver issue. On the Sierra website, the latest driver was released on May 


I think it might be a card firmware issue instead of the driver. So I went to Sierra site and looked for firmware:


Looking at my previous firmware version, seems to SWI9200X_03xxxxxx. I did not record the original number, but I remebered that the ver number was definitely much lower than the latest which was listed in the link above. The latest firmware seems to be released on Oct 14, 2015. 


I downloaded and applied the following QMI firmware approved by Canadian carriers:

MC7700 Bell Telus Rogers approved firmware SWI9200X QMI


Maybe US users can download the AT&T firmwares and try. 


I did not bother to try DIP ver as my Canadian Bell sim is not CDMA direct IP configuration.  (But for normal ThinkPad MC7700 module should always be QMI? I m not completely sure...) 


All the firmwares for AT&T and Canadian carriers:

MC7700 ATT approved firmware SWI9200X DIP

MC7700 ATT approved firmware SWI9200X QMI

MC7700 Bell Telus Rogers approved firmware SWI9200X DIP

MC7700 Bell Telus Rogers approved firmware SWI9200X QMI


To download the firmware, you need to register a account using normal email address.


To apply the firmware, I restarted the machine, re-enable the MC7700 network adapter through the device manager. Then simply double-click the downloaded .exe file and wait for the command line process to be finished. Please make sure you have administrator authorization in order to avoid potential trouble.


After firmware upgrade, everything seems to be working just fine now. Turning off and back on the Cellular radio in Windows 10, the cellular connection could restore itself(recognize the sim, discover the cell signal and auto connect to cell network)without needing to disable/enable adapter or restarting machine.


So far so good, but I will monitor if there is any other issues. Hope the above experience and process could help you guys who are still using MC7700 cards on x230/t430/t530/w530. 


Cheers! Smiley Very Happy

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Re: ThinkPad X230 WWAN MC7700 Windows 10 Firmware problem - cannot see simcard

when u say bell sim , is that GSM or CDMA? plz clarifty tia.. im looking at two options, MC7700 and MC7750

there is one more MC7710 card which is superior to the above, but x230 bios does not have this in their whitelist!

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Re: ThinkPad X230 WWAN MC7700 Windows 10 Firmware problem - cannot see simcard


let me explain a bit.
If you wish to use LTE service in India, the only wwan modem of mc77xx family is mc7710.
mc7700 and mc7750 don't support frequency bands of LTE operators in India.

Unfortunately, the channel resource of the Indian operators that matches to the bands mc7710 supports (B1 and B3) is very poor, just 5 Mhz. This wwan modem doesn't support the rest frequency bands the operators' LTE networks work in - B5, B8, B40. It means the peak download speed you'll get, in theory, is 18 or 36 Mbps, depending on the various тnetwork settings. Some 3g networks provide higher speed but, presently, such networks are heavier loaded than LTE ones..

Also, don't reflash the fw for DIP mode since the modem's USB IDs will be changed and the laptop' BIOS will not accept the modem with these IDs with error 1802. And, of course, if you don't know what to do with Sierra generic wwan modem mc7710 (i.e.not Lenovo branded), don't purchase it, otherwise you'll get the same 1802 error.

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Re: ThinkPad X230 WWAN MC7700 Windows 10 Firmware problem - cannot see simcard

I am not the expert in this field, so maybe x220forMe can correct me if I am wrong.


For Bell Canada, as far as I know, their 2G network is operating on older CDMA, but 3G(WCDMA, HSPA and HSPA+) is on UMTS, and then 4G(HSPA+, LTE and LTE-A). My MC7700 is only capable of connecting to their 3G and 4G network here in Canada, which is actually all I need Smiley Happy


I know that Bell Canada and their roaming partners here are gradually shutting down their older CDMA networks. The new SIM cards and devices they are selling now are all for their current 3G and 4G data connection now. 

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