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Fanfold Paper
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ThinkPad X260 on battery & powerpoint not working

Hi all, appologies for the long post.


I am using Windows 7 and re-building an image for the Lenovo X260 as a few users have reported an error with Power Point in Office 2010.  When on battery Power Point slide shows won't advance through the slides, it just stops and won't move to next slide on keypress or mouse click, on mains power it works fine, I had a mess around with a users laptop that has the issue and installing Lenovo System Update and installing all the available updates and drivers solved the problem so I re-created the image on another X260 and the problem returned but now, installing Lenovo System update and all software & drivers doesn't fix the issue, this is on a clean install of Windows 7.


when the slide show pauses I can press the Windows key and click Power Point and there is a little box that says Resume slide show, clicking this sometimes works and sometimes doesn't, all windows updates are installed, if I use an external keyboard and mouse it works OK, I've tried disabling all power management in BIOS and Windows, the only permanent fix I've found that works everytime is to disable Hardware Acceleration in Office settings but some of the docs users have are massive so don't want to cause any slowdowns or issues (plus it's anoying that I can't find another solution even though it worked on a users laptop)


Anyone else seen this issue or have an idea of a fix



Bit Torrent
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Re: ThinkPad X260 on battery & powerpoint not working

I believe your system has the Intel HD Graphics, so  if that is the case, open up the Windows Control panel, and check for an Intel HD graphics control panel.    If the present, it usually has its own power management settings in Windows 7, and if so, set it to maximum performance when on battery and see if that solves your problem.     Other video card manufacturer may have similar power  settings as well if yours is not the Intel variety.   


Other than some form of power management issue, I cannot see any other reason battery vs AC should make any difference..


Good Luck,

Fanfold Paper
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Re: ThinkPad X260 on battery & powerpoint not working

New someone would know on here, I'd checked power options in BIOS and Windows but not the Intel graphics properties, disable Panel Self-Refresh solved the problem.


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