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ThinkPad X270: M2 SSD disappearing during work.

I have a ThinkPad X270 (20hn0016) laptop.


My Windows 10 is on NAND SSD installed in "main" hard disk bay, and also I have a Transcend TS512GMTS430S SSD installed in a "small" m2 slot. It works just fine.


The problem is: the SSD disappears from system during work, like if it was just pulled out the slot. After reboot it is back, and I found no way to get it back to work other than restarting the laptop.


In device manager it is showing "Code 45", "device is disconnected".


I noticed this seems to happen when I work with many files at once, for example, when my IDE starts to index files on that SSD, or when I copy large number of files to that SSD, or (sometimes, not always) when I run a yarn/npm instlal. However I could not find a reliable way to reproduce this.

The SSD works just fine if I do not touch it much (the laptop stayed turned on for couple days with no SSD failure). Also, it seems to not fail if I only access large files (like watching movies or whatever)


  • My Windows 10 is a latest version (I update whenever there are updates)
  • My BIOS is also the latest version (29.17). The SSD shows just fine in BIOS.
  • SSD firmware is latest version according to "Transcend SSD Scope". SSD's SMART seems fine (it is a brand new one).
  • The SSD works just fine in my PC.
  • SSD driver in windows is a generic one (I cold not find any other ones on Transcend website), clicking "seach for updates" shows the best driver is already installed.

There are similar topics, marked with "solved", but are slightly different, and neither solutions worked for me, too.

These did not help me:


I am creating this topic with hope the issue became known since and there is some sort of a solution or at least a workaround.


x230, x270
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Re: ThinkPad X270: M2 SSD disappearing during work.

Hi lowpolybrain!


Welcome to the community forums.


We recommend testing your m.2 SSD with CrystalDiskMark. It is a disk benchmark software. You can search it in Google. 


It will put a load and stress test the SSD. If you will get the same result of the SSD getting code 45. 


First thing to do is to reseat the SSD on the motherboard. Cleaning with a cottun swab is also good to make sure it has good contact with the motherboard. 


Let us know how it goes. 




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Re: ThinkPad X270: M2 SSD disappearing during work.

Sadly, CrystalDiskMark did not lead to disk failure.

However, I may have found the culprit after all:




(The picture above is a screenshot from CrystalDiskInfo, saying the temperature of SSD is 78 degrees celsium)

Is any kind of M2 SSD cooling available for x270?

x230, x270
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Re: ThinkPad X270: M2 SSD disappearing during work.

Turns out, it was not an overheat (the system works fine even when ssd is at 85 degrees, it just throttles but it's expected)

Also, I was suspecting it was because I used two M2 ssds - now I have replaced one of them with 2.5 sata hdd, and the ssd in that tiny slot still turns off.

Also, it turned out the faulty SSD is also SATA, not NAND.


Also, I installed the system on SSD that fails (just because) and it is working fine most of the time, except ones when it unexpectedly BSODs because of ssd disconnect.


Also, it crashes even when in standby - I simply left the laptop alone for the night - and it died again.


In windows logs, every time the SSD disappears, there are couple same messages. This seems related so I am goint to turn the "Fast startup" off and see it it helps random BSODs. But I doubt, because the SSD used to disappear even when used as a secondary drive.


Also I have turned off the driver verifier, as this suggests (I am not sure it'll help, honestly, because seems like it has already been disabled)


(attaching couple dumps of several errors that are written in windows log every time the SSD fails)



x230, x270

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