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Thinkpad X1 Carbon hinge snap does not fall under warranty

2019-11-12, 14:29 PM

My X1's left hinge snapped as I closed the lid a few days ago. Metal fatigue had caused the screen-side panel of the hinge component to snap: the glue binding it to the casing did not hold and the central pivot of the hinge remained in place while the lid it should have stayed fixed to came down.


The machine is just over a year old, within my 3 year warranty. However having sent the machine off for repair through the official mechanisms, I've been told that "On inspection of your Lenovo PC, it has been found that the problem was caused by Customer Induced Damage (CID). This is full CID, no in warranty work can be done."


The total cost for repairs outside of warranty is quoted at £440.96 GBP - nearly 1/4 of what I originally paid. I've since discovered that X1 hinge problems aren't uncommon on these forums [A]. I've cited these in my contest of the evaluation of customer induced damage: this wasnt the result of an accident or strenuous use - to no avail.


Has anybody managed to achieve resolution through warranty?






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