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Punch Card
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Re: Thinkpad X1 Extreme Black Screen Help

I tried all of that including disconnecting the main battery while the bios battery was also disconnected. All this leads to is an 0217 checksum datetime error on boot and the same problem.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Thinkpad X1 Extreme Black Screen Help

I did all of the above.  Not sure why time was a factor in my case. The first time I disconnect the cmos battery I only waited 10 minutes or so. The next time I waited a few hours, based on what I had read on another thread.  After I reconnected the battery I pushed the reset  for 30 seconds or so, put everything back together and powered it up.  I tried for 2 days to get it to start but to no avail. I already had 1.15 BIOS on it.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Thinkpad X1 Extreme Black Screen Help

( cross-posted from other thread )


Another P1 owner here with the exact same experience. Unboxed the evening of Dec. 12. Started setting up the system, including installing a BIOS update and new nVidia drivers as suggested by (and installed with) Lenovo Vantage. Unfortunately I did not notice what BIOS version I installed, whatever was the latest as of early morning Dec 13 UTC time.


About 6 hours after owning the computer, I went to the BIOS and switched the "Hybrid Graphics" to "Discrete." I mean, the primary reason I untimately selected this model was for the Quadro (not GeForce) GPU. The screen has been pure black ever since.


There's no display when hooked up to an external monitor via HDMI. I thought perhaps I could remote desktop in, but I noticed the machine does not request an IP address from my router (even when connected via Ethernet), so it is not booting into Windows, probably not booting at all.


If Lenovo releases a flash BIOS update to reset the settings in the next few days, great. If the remedy is to send the unit to be repaired, or for me to disassemble the unit (despite being very experienced) -- nope, I will simply return the machine. Felt like a great new machine but a fatal bug like this is just not acceptable.

Punch Card
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Re: Thinkpad X1 Extreme Black Screen Help

That's really interesting. I did disconnect the wires for coin cell battery and the internal battery for 10 minutes, but that managed to only clear the date and time settings - just as others have reported here. Didn't think to wait a few hours though.


I think disconnecting the internal battery is a required step - at least just disconnecting the CMOS did nothing for me. Normally you'd do that by disabling the internal battery from BIOS, but well... in absence of that option, you can disconnect the wire. Take out the insulating sheet on top of the connector and gently pull up the wire. It might take some work to get it out, but it'll come off. When you're done, put the wire and the insulation sheet back and close the covers. You also need to connect the AC power, as the computer won't boot from the internal battery after having been unplugged.


Would be valuable to hear if it helped for others as well if both were disconnected for overnight for example. I'd really like to get my laptop back before going abroad for holidays next week, but looking unlikely the motherboard replacement will arrive on time.

Paper Tape
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Re: Thinkpad X1 Extreme Black Screen Help

Same issue here. Removing the CMOS and main battery and pressing the reset button does not solve the issue for me either. After removing both batteries for some minutes/some hours/overnight (doesn't make a difference in my experience) the only thing I get is the message about wrong date/time on the next boot attempt. Then it goes back to black screen.


I opened a ticket with Lenovo support and am waiting for their instructions, although I have the impression that they will recall the unit.


Very sad that this happened. This also makes me a bit wary of keeping the laptop, since there's no guarantee this issue will be eventually patched.

Punch Card
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Re: Thinkpad X1 Extreme Black Screen Help

Not too sure if it is a good idea for lenovo to temporarily disable the graphics changing option in bios until a fix is found inorder to prevent new users from accidently bricking their devices, i have the XPS 15 9570 and the bios has no way to switch graphics option, perhaps Dell knows this is a known issue and they had intentionally disable such feature until a fix can be found.

What's DOS?
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Re: Thinkpad X1 Extreme Black Screen Help

Getting the same issue. All I did was disable the onboard Audio in I/O Port Access in the BIOS. Now I can't boot at all and simply get a message saying "Configuration changed - restarting the system." What I've tried:


  • Opening the chassis and unplugging the CMOS battery and internal battery, rebooting -- FAILED
  • Holding the reset switch (pinhole) for 20 seconds both in powered on and powered off states then rebooting -- FAILED
  • Tried unplugging the speakers to see if it would make a difference on next boot -- FAILED
  • Removed both internal drives and tried booting -- FAILED
  • Tried connecting both a thunderbolt and hdmi display while booting -- FAILED
  • F1-F12 while booting -- FAILED

Everything leads me to the same result... a $3,000 over-sized paperweight.

Not applicable
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Re: Thinkpad X1 Extreme Black Screen Help

The same problem, I've tried all of the above - nothing worked.

My first non-MacBook/Pro laptop in 12+ years, excellent experience entering the PC world. $3400 for such quality is preposterous, even the bios reset button does not work, it seems such a trivial thing...

Anyway, if there is no solution to this I'm returning this sham and getting back to MBPs

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Thinkpad X1 Extreme Black Screen Help

Looks like I bricked my brand new X1 Extreme as well within the first hour of use. Was going to install Ubuntu and the first recommended proceedure is to switch to discrete graphics. Went into BIOS, switched from hybrid to discrete, changed graphics memory from 256 to 512, saved, rebooted....


Just a black screen, doesn't even POST, no Lenovo logo and fans are going crazy. Tried the hardware reset button on the back, nothing...not planning on cracking open the case and messing around inside since no one here seems to have had any luck with it. Just going to file  a support ticket. 

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Thinkpad X1 Extreme Black Screen Help

I am really starting to wonder why we are not getting any moderator/lenovo employee intervention/input into this thread.   This seems to be so easily reproducible that the lack of comment from Lenovo seems to speak volumes in it's absence.  C'mon Lenovo, step up and offer some input!

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