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Token Ring
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Thinkpad X1 Gen 6 Third-Party Charging Options

The X1 Gen 6 comes with a supplied USB-C charger. Works perfectly. I usually like to have a second charger, so normally I just order another one of the same directly from Lenovo.


Considering that charging is done via USB-C, which is a standard, are there third-party chargers that could charge the X1 Gen 6 at a similar rate as the included Lenovo charger?


As it happens I have a USB-C to USB-A cable, so I tried to charge the laptop via standard 40W USB charger connected with that cable but the X1 did not even indicate it was receiving a charge, so we probably need to stick with USB-C. One concern if obviously price but more importantly, it would be nice to have a lighter and smaller charger. Are there any offerings which could charge the X1 Gen 6?


Thanks in advance!

Paper Tape
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Re: Thinkpad X1 Gen 6 Third-Party Charging Options

I'm stuck on this issue too.

Don't care about weight but the usb cable is not detectable from the brick so you can plug in your own USBc cable. I would like to use usb-c with magnetic connector because the default one is very easy to tilt sideways and ruin the port using in bed. The worst part is the direction which points directly forward, extending the length of the risk.

Punch Card
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Re: Thinkpad X1 Gen 6 Third-Party Charging Options

I were also interested in using magnetic usb-c magnetic adapter but I am quite afraid of this reading so many macbook pros going on mainbord replacement due to fried usb ports...

Anyone with experience?

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