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What's DOS?
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Thinkpad X1 RAM upgrade

I bought Thinkpad X1 with RAM upgrade to 8 GB through a local reseller. When I received the laptop, I was also given an additional 4GB RAM to be put into the laptop. When I went to my IT guys to get the RAM installed, I found that X1 comes with only 1 DIMM. I refered it back to the reseller who promised to replace the 2 4GB RAM with a single 8GB RAM. It has been about 4 weeks since this happened and today the reseller came back with the fact that lenovo does not have 8GB RAM for this model and that Kingston have it but it is not yet released to market. It will released in December.


This has been a terrible experience with lenovo. I chose this particular laptop for its specifications and now I cannot use it as lenovo published false specs for it. This is a disgrace.


Can someone at lenovo resolve this asap.

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Re: Thinkpad X1 RAM upgrade

Looks like Patriot & Corsair have 8GB DDR3-1333 SODIMM's.

I know this isn't in your region, just posting for reference.
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Re: Thinkpad X1 RAM upgrade

beware 8 gig mods are very tricky.
they need os,chipset and bios level surport as well as they must conform to a standard in how that nand is made.
not all ddr3 1333 is the same.
as for why you need 8 gig is a question.
win 7 only needs around 3 gig to perform best and with graphics 3.5.
unless your running a model sim or high end cad or a very complex graphic program you never need over 4.
most of all in a pc that dont have a powerful graphic option.
windows 7 really handles memory well and the fact sandy bridge has a powerful mem controler along with it flexible use of cache means you wont be any faster infact adding ram will only slow the pc down.
the only time a pc would slow down is if you run out of ram and win 7 has a great way of dealing with that.
add more ram infact means the os must adresses that extra ram and that is a extra resouce.
some sites did tests on this very issue and i know for a fact going from 4 to 6 had a negitive effect (slight) and it will effect boot times.
8 gig mods are very expensive as well.
as for dual slots and dual mode that dont well on intel.
dual band for intel is a wash pretty much and it going to get deleted in ivy bridge.
AMD on the other habd is different dual mode helps the graphics out a bit but in intels case it makes zero difference many mobo sites done alot of reseach on this.
even brazos went single mode thats why the higher speed helps them out but in the case of intel the fine memroy controller intel has it pretty much as good as it gets thats why there is not much of a difference in higher clock ram and in single vs dual mode.
sandy brige can even make use of even higher then offical speeds and full surport for them.
makes allmost no difference.

in a laptop we need to think of what we put in that will effect the speed and the battery run time.
adding more dont make it better allways.
for the price of a 8 gig sim you you add a fine NON SANDFORCE sdd like a m4 or a samsung 830.
that make a huge difference.
What's DOS?
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Re: Thinkpad X1 RAM upgrade

I plan to run VMs on the laptop and 8gb ram will help me run the VMs without affecting performance
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Re: Thinkpad X1 RAM upgrade

The 8GB memory is available through the Lenovo site with new orders, sorry about the reseller, I run 8GB and can run 2 or 3 VM very nicely.



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