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Blue Screen Again
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Thinkpad X1 Yoga (1 Gen) "Unknown [None]" Ghost appid & battery drain issue


I recently purchased Thinkpad X1 yoga (1 Gen) machine with 16Gb Ram, 512GB SSD & WQHD IPS (Not even OLED) display with windows 10 pro 64 bit OS.
My laptop battery is draining fast and only last for 4 to 5 hours with normal browsing & usage with 60-75% brightness (even reducing it to 50% doesn't give much improvement) and in Power save mode. As per Lenovo it should last for 9 to 11 hours but in reality it is no where near to it. I had also looked at similar issues that has been raised in this forum by other users as well. But I strongly feel that a top brand like Lenovo/Thinkpad doesn't cheat customers by giving false promises for the battery life of  9 to 11 hours without their internal testing, also I feel they would have not be claiming this (9 to 11 hrs) battery life by keeping their screen brightness to dark i.e. less than 50% or 25%. So i thought i could dig deeper to find out the problem.


After my initial analysis using powercfg.exe command tool for sleepstudy, the report (i.e. shows me some a Ghost application called "Unknown [None]" which comsumes more power and I guess this is the culprit that cases the battery to drain faster. Looks like this Ghost appid takes around 60% of the power compared with all the other appid.  But not sure how to identify this Ghost appid. 

I have also posted my query in Microsoft forum but yet to get an reply.


My questions are

1. Did anyone managed to extend their battery life to more than 5 hours? If so, how much did you manged to get and how?

2. Did you managed to identify this 'Unknown [None]" Ghost appid? If so, how and pls share your solution.


Thanks for your support.







What's DOS?
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Re: Thinkpad X1 Yoga (1 Gen) "Unknown [None]" Ghost appid & battery drain issue

Not sure if you fixed your problem. But I encountered this issue, too.

My system is T480s with Windows 10 RS2. According to Lenovo, it should have up to 13.5 hrs battery life.

But sadly, my system only could reach to about 5 hrs of normal use.

Found the same Unknown [None] App draining my battery but no idea what it is.


OS already updated to latest RS2 build 16299.248, and latest system BIOS.

What's DOS?
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Re: Thinkpad X1 Yoga (1 Gen) "Unknown [None]" Ghost appid & battery drain issue

Hi m_sundar,


did you solve your issue? Having the same problem with new x1 carbon, unknown[none] appID drains battery while unplugged (according to powercfg report)



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