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What's DOS?
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Thinkpad X1 Yoga (1st) keyboard keys getting stuck when after putting it in tablet mode


I have an annoying issue with my X1 Yoga: almost every time I put it in tablet mode, the key covergets a bit stuck around some keys and I need to press them a lotharder to get an input.

It usually gets stuck either around arrow keys, spacebar, X and C. It's currentlystuck on the spacebar and I'm having a hardtime typing this message.

It usually gets a bit betterif I put it back in tablet mode and help itgodown while getting it back to "laptop" mode, but it doesn't completely solve it.

Does any of you have this issue? How do you solve it? Do I need to send it to a repair center?


Thank you.


P.S: I deliberately didn't correct any typing mistakes the keyboard mademe do so you know how annoying it is. It makes me want to throw it out of thewindow.

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