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Re:Thinkpad X1 Yoga 2nd Gen (2017) OLED screen flickering on low brightness

2021-09-03, 1:27 AM

Well my OLED screen died again, I'm on screen # 7 now. Luckily I had a spare in a box. No idea how long it will last though as I don't think it was 100% new, likely it was a refurb. It died on the first cooler day in the house. I doubt the panel itself is what it is failing, it is the hardware driver that is soldered to the pcb flex attached to the back of the panel. Possibly the TCON controller which is a Parade DP699. I may try reflowing the chip on the bad screen if I can lift the flex up enough to not heat the panel itself. I still quite like this laptop and don't feel there is a suitable replacement yet, so I may end up buying yet another panel down the road as I no longer have warranty.


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Re:Thinkpad X1 Yoga 2nd Gen (2017) OLED screen flickering on low brightness

2021-09-21, 19:41 PM

After the OLED screen display that they replaced 2/3 years ago, the infamous grey bar has appeared on my screen again.....

Coming back to this forum is like going down the memory lane....

What's the part number that you guys use to replace by yourself? I am sure Lenovo will not deal with this again.


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Re:Thinkpad X1 Yoga 2nd Gen (2017) OLED screen flickering on low brightness

2021-09-25, 15:49 PM

Hello there good people!


It's been almost 3 months since my last post on this thread.


3 months ago, I said that i had found a dumb temporary fix for the screen which was to heat the screen directly by flipping the computer in tablet mode and then putting it under my shirt against my tummy. that was indeed a temporary fix but it did indeed last 3 full months without any sign of flickering!


So basically, the computer screen has stopped flickering during the 3 months of Canadian summer that we had.


As it is now getting colder every day and as i have been leaving my computer to rest in my unheated garage every day (i work from home and the garage has been my covid workspace this year), i have come to notice that yesterday morning the flickering had came back to the screen. Indeed, it was quite a freezing night so i wasn't too surprised that the cold had brought the issue back.


In order to fix the flickering, i decided not to go the tummy way and instead use a small heater this time. I placed the heater about 3 feet away from the screen and let it blast medium-hot (not burning hot) air onto the screen, with the computer fully turned off for around 30 minutes. This was done in a small room with a closed door so that the heat all around the room would also end up hitting the whole computer but the blast was mostly focused on the screen glass, with the computer lid open in laptop mode (still with power off).


A bit later, as the heater had stopped automatically after 30 min (it has a timer on it), i came back to my computer and powered it on, only to find out that just like expected, the screen has stopped flickering and i can once again enjoy the beautiful bright colors of the OLED screen.


I think it should be worth mentionning that this isn't the second time i'm doing that, as before i had been laying the laptop in tent mode right next to a space heater only to get a 40% success rate of stopping the flickering. It seems that blasting hot air on the screen for a somewhat long period has had a prette decent success rate so far.


I have also watched videos online of people attempting to fix the screen flicker issue with a heat gun, only to get no good results. Maybe the secret of bringing the screen back to life is to heat the screen uniformly via the glass? I'll have to do more testing this winter as there is a big chance that the issue comes back frequently as the temperatures reach the -30c in December.


So far, my best theorical fix that anyone can perform is a continuous blast of hot air uniformly on the glass using a small heater for around 30 minutes. I wouldn't put the heater too close to the screen because i don't want to melt anything but you know, hot air from 2 or 3 feet for half an hour might be a good workaround to fix what i still consider to be a good laptop. Should also be worth mentionning that the screen has never been replaced on this laptop, i just ended up getting it from the old computers bin at work since one of our directors just ditched it due to the flickering.


If this method ends up working well throughout the winter i'll update you on it! seems we might have a decent workaround!





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