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Thinkpad X1 Yoga 2nd Gen vs Conexant Media audio drivers and software

2018-01-21, 8:38 AM

I've had issues with Conexant's software and drivers since I got my X1 Yoga 2nd Gen.


Those drivers seems to be buggy and crash for no reason. And along the the Dolby software are forced into the user's system (there is no friendly way to disable it) and they usually eat CPU and RAM for no good reason. All the time, even with a "beep" from a notification. 


That's besides the point that seems pointless to use Dolby with X1's speakers and they doesn't work with Bluetooth headphones (Who does use cables anymore???). A flagship professional laptop shouldn't have to include this kind of hardware or software. At all. 


But you can't remove this software, at least not easily. Even if you delete the device with it's software, next time Windows checks for update, it gets back to live, with all it's services and processes running.


Finally I got tired of all the crashes and put some effort into fixing this. The default "High Definition Audio" driver included in Windows 10 works just fine. So I forced Windows into using that driver and removed everything else. It's been a couple of weeks now. And as you can see from the screenshot, except Edge crashing one time, I have had no more issues with it. Audio is working just fine and without eating CPU. I'm posting the steps in case it helps somebody with the same issue.



  1. Switched Windows to airplane mode.
  2. Uninstalled all audio and sound devices deleting the software.
  3. Uninstalled remaining software (this step might not be necesary, but I wanted to be sure):
"C:\Program Files\CONEXANT\DAX2Config\Setup64.exe" /uninstall
"C:\Program Files\CONEXANT\SAII\setup64.exe" /uninstall
"C:\Program Files\CONEXANT\cAudioFilterAgent\Setup64.exe" /uninstall
"C:\Program Files\CONEXANT\DolbyAPI\Setup64.exe" /uninstall
"C:\Program Files\CONEXANT\CxAudMsg\Setup.exe" /uninstall
  1. Removed (renamed, just in case) these folders:
C:\Program Files\Dolby
C:\Program Files\CONEXANT
  1. Restarted Windows installing default Windows drivers.
  2. Added a global policy preventing installation of the devices, preventing further drivers updates, but keeping the one already installed (https://www.howtogeek.com/302595/how-to-stop-windows-10-from-automatically-updating-hardware-drivers/).



  1. Re-enabled updates in Windows.


Bottom line: The same as always. Hardware manufacturers, stop bugging and trying to force users into apps and software we don't want and that only waste resources that we do want. 


ThinkPad X1 Yoga 2nd Gen, ThinkPad X230, ThinkPad S430, ThinkPad T420, ThinkPad E420s, ThinkPad E10s

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