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Thinkpad X1 Yoga 2ng Gen - Installing other OSes (Linux or Windows7) - Adjective free version

2017-07-17, 14:10 PM

I assume I cannot see my prior post due to the adjectives used to describe Windows 10.  Adjectives have been removed.  I do wish that the attentiveness to adjectives used in a post would also be given to the contents of post (such as the issue linked at the end of this post about the Recovery Media Creator and File Not Found during download thus being unable to create media).  Give your attention equally please.


So here is the situation.

I've got this piece of hardware bound to an OS that no person should ever trust!

An OS that uninstalls your privately owned and paid for software from other companies during updates potentially costing licensing fees to acquire a replacement license or even damaging system viability if one of those software packages is a driver, without any advance notice

People should never accept that as business as usual or acceptable.  Thus Windows 10 is unacceptable.



Windows 7 Downgrade (legally valid per the Windows 10 Pro license agreement):

Issues for Windows 7 Pro install:

  1. No Media
  2. No License to enter even if one had media (none provided even though Windows 7 Downgrade is a supported item for Windows 10)
  3. CPU Support requires a hack to remove the FAKE incompatibility check MSFT put into Windows Update and Windows 7 to disallow usage on newer CPUs.  There are guides on how to disable this check manually and have Windows 7 with Windows Updates work so not a real issue.  -- A less than nice move move on MSFT's part to disable Windows Update for Windows 7 users running new CPUs on valid legally licensed copies (per MSFT's own agreements) to force Windows 10 usage.



Install issues for Linux:

  1. Which Linux brand and version to use?
  2. Will all the hardware features be fully supported?


Sadly I cannot even begin to work on any of this due to:



Any thoughts, help, or ideas on any of these fronts?

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