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Re: Thinkpad X1 Yoga 3rd gen - constant electrostatic noise

I have the same issue. Buzzing sound which is annoying plus the loud fan sound once a while. I bought my laptop directly on Lenovo website last summer. Loud fan noise came up once a while as soon I got my lap top. Later on, the buzzing sound started and more frequenct as well. Call the help desk in December because I was at a point where I almost could not stand both problems anymore and I was told I could go to the Micro Center. The tech over there replaced the mainboard for me because it is still under the warranty.  And that process took over almost two weeks to order and replace it. I thought the buzzing problem was solved until I took it home. Realized that I just wasted my time trying to fix both problems plus they do not have a solution for the very loud fan sound. Guess the fan sound is a known and unfixable issue. I can understand the fan noise where the small, thin laptop need that to remove the heat so I kind of can tolerate that since I do not have an option after paying $1,500. But for the buzzing noise, that is defnitely a hardware issue and dont know what to do now.


I have been using Thinkpad T60 for 10 years so that is why I bought another Thinkpad last year. Thought about switing to Apple products but I regretted not buying Apple Mac this time. Not sure if I want to send my laptop back to Micro Center again. Apparently I cannot siwtch my laptop with a new one except for sending it for repair again within the warranty since I bought it last summer. Even I replaced the certain parts, does not guarantee the problem could be fixed. Guess there is no solution to the buzzing sound as well just like the loud fan noise after reading this thread. It is just disappointing after being a Thinkpad user for 10 years. Paid $1,500 for an quipment with two issues that cannot fixed. My 11 year old T60 does not even have these two problems except for running a little slowly.

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