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Thinkpad X1 Yoga, Yoga 730, or even P72?

With the death of my old Macbook Pro, I'm looking for a replacement, and leaning strongly towards a Thinkpad due to their reputation for durability.


Apart from the easily handled concerns about performance, two important practical things appeal to me: the Yoga laptop/tablet hybrids, and a big 17" screen


(An aside about the 17" screen: my Macbook had one, and I find smaller screens unuseable for serious stand-alone use -- I don't like being too dependent on external monitors. Sadly, big screens are rare in Thinkpads; only the P72s have them, and they seem to be aimed specifically at people in the graphics industry, which I'm not. I don't need a Quadro GPU. I'm not sure I even need a separate GPU at all; I'm a software engineer and web developer and I need it to display large amounts of code and data. But due to their rarity, I've reluctantly dropped this requirement.)


However, having a laptop that can turn into a tablet when I'm away from a desk can also be very useful for a variety of reasons, and for a tablet, 14" is pretty luxurious, even if it's still very cramped for a laptop. The X1 Yoga seems like a solid choice (as long as I have access to external monitors, which won't always be the case), but then I came across the Yoga 730 15-Platinum, which has a 15.6" screen. Not 17", but still better than 14".


It's not a Thinkpad, though. How big of an issue is that? I get the impression that Thinkpads are more reliable, have better keyboards, and are allround just more solid and pleasant machines to work with. How does the Yoga 730 compare to that? Will I regret not going for a true Thinkpad?


Apart from that, I'm also wondering what type of screen to get. With a small screen, I think brightness can help to make it more readable, and I may want to use it outside on occasion, so I'm leaning towards a 500 nits screen (I think that's what Macbooks have, though I'm not entirely sure about that). The X1 Yoga has that option, for the Yoga 730 it's not clear, the P72 doesn't, but at least has a 400 nits option. But do these screens drain the battery noticeably faster?


Also, any idea how well Linux supports the tablet-behaviour of these Yoga devices?

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