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Paper Tape
Posts: 3
Registered: ‎06-07-2012
Location: United States
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Accepted Solution

Thinkpad X120e unusual fan noise

I have had my X120e for a while now and am happy with it. The normal fan noise has not bothered me, but lately I have been hearing some strange noises from the fan when I hold the laptop at an angle. 


If I start slowly turning it onto its right side, I hear a noise from the fan that sounds a little like the fan is catching on something inside. This noise stops after two seconds, but resumes as I continue to turn the laptop. I have already opened it up and tried blowing into the fan, dislodging some dust, but it still makes the noise sometimes. The laptop continues to function normally when I hear this noise.


What could be causing this? Is it something I should worry about?


Thank you in advance.

Retired Support Specialist
Posts: 229
Registered: ‎05-22-2012
Location: Hong Kong
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Re: Thinkpad X120e unusual fan noise

Hi Degru,


  Please try BIOS update. If problem persist after BIOS update, please kindly contact local Lenovo for hardware test.


BIOS Update Utility for Windows 7 (32-bit, 64-bit), Vista (32-bit), XP - ThinkPad X120e



T61 + X201i
Paper Tape
Posts: 3
Registered: ‎06-07-2012
Location: United States
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Re: Thinkpad X120e unusual fan noise

Oh, I've fixed it. The fan's power cables were a little too close to the fan blades, and the fan would sometimes catch on them. I just pried them a little bit away and it has stopped making the sound.