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Thinkpad X220 X230 wake from sleep issues??

I am looking to buy either an X220 or X230 Thinkpad laptop and have been reading the forums here for information about wake from sleep issues for these two machines. I have found a lot on the X220 - seems to be a common problem, so I am now thinking that isn't going to be my choice.


My questions for those who may have experienced this with an X230:


-is the wake from sleep a common issue with the X230 laptop?

-is this more of a SSD issue than a regular HHD?

-is this related to the amount of RAM installed?

-is this more of a Win 7 issue? If so, any version that is more susceptible?


I had an HP laptop that finally was unusable due to this issue and want to avoid that with a new laptop. I really like the features and size of the x230 - and that I can still get Win 7.


Any input on how often the X230 has this type of issue - and any solutions that have worked - would be greatly appreciated, as I really am reluctant to have history repeated with this wake from sleep issue.




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