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Thinkpad X230/I7 bluescreens upon SD card insertion (winXP SP3)

I have tried 16GB, 8GB, 4GB and even an old 256MB.

There is a pause of 2-3 secs while windows XP realises the card has been inserted, and then it bluescreens. The error happens too fast to read; the computer reboots right away. I did get a video of it however, in case anybody is interested!


Originally I installed the Ricoh SD reader from here

Following help from someone I tried another later driver, from here

Notice the above page says "13 Aug 2012".

The installer says the right version

But the files actually installed are the old 2011 ones

So somebody at Lenovo has screwed up, and packaged old driver files under the "updated" installer.

I definitely have the Ricoh SD reader - one can see it listed under CP/Devices under PCI16 or PCI17.


I am sorting out a solution using an Expresscard SD reader (with the piece of plastic to hold it in place in the 54mm slot) but it would be nice to get this to work.


The machine is an X230 8GB 180GB SSD Windows XP SP3 with all updates applied.


The machine works perfectly otherwise.

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