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Thinkpad X240 - Screen problem - Changed hard disk - 2014 model


I have an old X240, after installing a new hard disk (have two identical machines, but the trackpad gave up on the other), the screen gets a bit "wobbly" and lines appear across it.

This also happens in BIOS, so I am assuming it cannot be a driver problem?


I bought these two computers at the same time, used, this one was so horribly slow I never really used it. It has just been in my drawer for two years. I did, however, use it from time to time, just to upgrade. But never had this problem. It would just overall run sooooo slow.

I guess I must have "nicked" something.


1. Basically just wondering if anyone here could guide me in how I search to solve it, I do have a spare computerSmiley Happy
2. Is this the kind of problem that would get worse, or can I assume it will just be like this. Because at the end of the day, I can live with that. But would hate to be out traveling and it goes black.

Thank you for your help!

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Re: Thinkpad X240 - Screen problem - Changed hard disk - 2014 model

Hi there! Thanks for posting in our community. 


If the display issue started after installing the new hard driver, possible that the cable connecting the screen to motherboard was moved reason why you see the line or the screen got damaged. You may try checking or reconnecting the cable if you can using this guide or if you would need to have a technician, please click then filter it by the city nearest you. 

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