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Blue Screen Again
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Thinkpad X260 Bluetooth problems and solution

Hello, my friends. I am running the Windows 10 Pro, (version #1607), 64-bit, in Spanish language.  I was having a huge amount of trouble with the factory-installed Bluetooth module (Intel AC8260). I would go through the on-line solutions of removing and reinstalling the Lenovo drivers. Sometimes I had to this this several times in a row, before it would actually work. The Bluetooth would finally connect to my earphones (Bose QC35 or Skullcandy Ink'd) They would work for about 20 minutes, and then Bluetooth would quit, requiring me to go through the process again of removing the Lenovo drivers and reinstalling them. It was driving me nuts, (which I admit, is a very short drive!)


I finally uninstalled the Lenovo drivers and then installed the Intel drivers from here:


Now Bluetooth works just fine on Windows.


I am also using this machine with Linux Mint 18.3. I have only managed to get Bluetooth to connect to my headphones once, though they do appear in the list of Bluetooth devices.         


Hope this will help somebody else.



Blue Screen Again
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Re: Thinkpad X260 Bluetooth problems and solution

Yikes! Remember my ever-so-lovely post from yesterday? (See above.) Well, i used my awesome Bose QC35 for about 4 hours with no problems whatsoever. Then today I had to do some work in the Linux side of my machine. After that, I restarted in Windows, and once again: BLUETOOTH REFUSES TO CONNECT TO MY HEADPHONES, NO MATTER WHAT! Delete the drivers, reinstall, use Intel driver, etc.

I see that some of these X260 machines came with the Broadcom BCM4356 Bluetooth unit (as opposed to the Intel AC8260) Anybody have one of these BCM4356 that is working correctly?

And of course, I write emails to Lenovo-Mexico, and receive ZERO answers. Oh, and I also have a Lenovo T430 (no problems), and a Lenovo all-in-one on my personal desk (also no problems), plus three more Lenovo all-in-ones in our offices (one died and was repaired under warranty, which took 6 months...).

Life is much too short for this cow extract. Maybe we need to start looking at another brand. My daughter's Macbook Air gives no problems plus the battery lasts an honest 12 hours...

Blue Screen Again
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Re: Thinkpad X260 Bluetooth problems and solution

Hello again. I see close to 70 people have read my posts, though none have offered any help. I am posting anyway, in the hope that somebody else may be assisted in fixing this problem.

Here is my latest update: I followed every idea from this youtube video, and it looks like it is finally fixed!

Have an awesome, blessed day.

Dr. Steve, central Mexico
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Re: Thinkpad X260 Bluetooth problems and solution

Is it possible that your system was connected to a 2.4GHz network when you were experiencing the bluetooth disconnecting?  Please see if the following driver helps your situation;


Intel 8260 Wireless Software for Bluetooth Technology for Windows 10 (64-bit) - ThinkPad X260, T460

Version (R02BF15W)

  • (New) Initial release for RS3
  • (Fix) Fix BT Device Automatically Disconnects When WiFi Is Connected Via 2.4 GHz Frequency



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Paper Tape
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Re: Thinkpad X260 Bluetooth problems and solution

I had a similar problem with Bose QC35 headphones and spent ages re-installing drivers trying to fix it.  It wasn't the drivers.  When switching devices or software platforms with your Bose QC 35, use the Bose Connect App on your phone to designate the output device.  This worked on Linux Mint, Windows etc

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