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Paper Tape
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Thinkpad X260 - Windows 7 downgrade and recovery disks?

I've recently taken delivery of my a new Thinkpad X260.  Like a good little user, the first thing I did was run the utilty which created a recovery disk on a USB drive, which I've stored away carefully.


Now.  When I ordered the X260 from Lenovo, I deliberately specified it to be supplied preinstalled with Windows 7 Professional 64, through the downgrade rights in Windows 10 Pro.   I had first established that if and when I wish to upgrade to Windows 10, that will not be a problem for me.  All good.


What I am keen to know is, should I ever need to use the recovery USB drive which I created, will that let me reinstall either Windows 10 or 7, or is there anything else which I should be doing to be sure about this?




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Community SeniorMod
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Re: Thinkpad X260 - Windows 7 downgrade and recovery disks?

Hello and welcome,


If you created the recovery drive from a  Win 7 Pro preload, that's what it will install when used.


Since it was via downgrade rights from Win 10 Pro you have the option of doing a clean install from MS media, or using your entitlement to download and create media for the Lenovo Win 10 preload that you could have ordered.


All three options: Win 7 and 10 from Lenovo, and 10 from MS, should activate automatically.


I'd suggest grabbing and saving the Lenovo Win 10 install image.


BTW, UEFI install images are easy to archive if you don't want to rely entirely on a flash drive.  Just copy the files to a hard drive or optical disk or whatever.  If they're ever needed, just copy them back to a FAT32-formatted flash drive.




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Paper Tape
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Re: Thinkpad X260 - Windows 7 downgrade and recovery disks?

Thanks so much for your response, that's just what I needed to know. Sorry for  the slow reply but I've been struggling ever since to download the Lenovo Win 10 install image... originally the wizard accepted my serial number, took me all the way through, but nothing ever downloaded (which worried me as I was clearly warned it was a 'one-time' thing), but as of now it's not letting me even go through the wizard; when I enter my serial number I just get:


Sorry, your machine is not eligible due to the following reason:
#ibase config error


Any thoughts on this?



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