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Paper Tape
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Thinkpad X270 problem to start with LAN attached

Good day everybody,


We have a common issue with all the X270 that we have bought recently; they cannot start to load windows when connected to the LAN.


We use a Deployment tool called High System, to install OS and software on the computers therefore, the computers are all configured to boot from LAN and if the computer is already in the system, continue to load Windows.

I mention this so that you don't give me as solution "Disable the Boot on LAN" Smiley Happy


We have other models (from X240 to X270 including Yoga 260) and all of them seem to work fine. With X240 we had same issue but an update of the BIOS solved the issue. For Yogas, another BIOS update plus the driver for Thinkpad + docking seems to help (although it takes still a lot to start) But for X270 we didn't find anything that works (except for remove it from the docking or remove the LAN cable)


Any idea of what can be the problem and how to solve it?


Best regards




The problem seems to be with the docking station, as if I try to start with the LAN seems to be fine. I cannot even enter in the BIOS. The picture attached is where the computer stays till you turn it off and remove from the docking

Lenovo Employee Rydeen
Lenovo Employee
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Re: Thinkpad X270 problem to start with LAN attached

Dear customer,

As I understand your symptom, your X270 stop booting during performing PxE boot, am I correct?

In order to make attention to the development team, can I know the below information?

 1. BIOS Version of X270

 2. Docking Station product name

 3. Installed Windwos OS version

 4. BIOS Setup information

  1. "Restart" page : OS Optimized Defaults,  Enablef or Disabled ?
  2. "Startup" page: Boot -> Boot Priority Order
  3. "Startup" page: UEFI/Legacy Boot, Both/UEFI Only / legacy Only ?
  4. in case "Both", how about UEFI/Legacy Boot priority and CSM support ?
  5. Any other unique settings other than default ?
Paper Tape
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Re: Thinkpad X270 problem to start with LAN attached

Thank you for your answer


1.- Latest available in the Lenovo support center (we do the updates with Lenovo -updates and drivers)UEFI BIOS version R0IET50W (1.28) 29.01.2018

2.- Thinkpad Pro Dock (We've also tried to update firmware of the docking without success)

3.- It doesn't matter as the computer has the problem even when you take it out of the box. All the X270 with the same issue have Win7 x64installed

4.- Restart page: Disabled

Boot: 1.-PCI LAN, 2.- NVMe0 Samsung 3.-USB CD... (we need LAN in 1)

Legacy only (with CSM Support)

Additional settings: We have tried disabling IPv6 and enabling MAC Address Pass Through (combining both so disable disable, disable enable...) Nothing seem to work. Only removing the computer from Docking.

If the computer is out of the docking but connected to LAN, seems to work fine as well ( I tried several times with no error) 


We have the issue with all the X270 (20K6) and the dockings mentioned above




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