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Thinkpad X270: still no QHD or thunderbolt... :(

2016-12-29, 1:10 AM

It seems that Lenovo has released today first infos of upcoming models including X270:




I have been postponing laptop purchase because I want one with QHD or better resolution, thunderbolt3 and ability to charge with standard USB type-C charger.


Now it seems that for some reason that I cannot understand Lenovo has still decided not to include QHD or QHD+ resolutions to quite many of the upcoming models, including X270, Yoga 370, Thinkpad 13 and T470. It is now already 4.5 years ago from the moment when Apple Released Macbook Pro retina with QHD equivalent resolution.


In addition some of the articles claim that the new USB type-C port in X270 will NOT have thunderbolt3 availability. And it is like 5.5 years since Apple included thunderbolt.


I really think we should start noise from this. If there will not be a serious portable workstation like X270 with QHD or better resolution and enough USB-slots (at least 3+1) and thunderbolt support I am seriously considering to switch away from Lenovo (e.g. Dell XPS 13).


I know that some people prefer FullHD (e.g. for longer battery life) so there could be an option for both. I want QHD because 1. If you want to have two web browsers side by side without horizontal scroll bars you will need minimun QHD, 2. Because you can actually start to see details in pdf books without zooming 3. Because you can have large amount of photos simultaneously in the screen so that you actually see some details.


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Re: Thinkpad X270: still no QHD or thunderbolt... :(

2017-01-01, 8:08 AM
The lack of QHD/Thunderbold seems not a big problem for me in comparison with the lack of 32 Gb RAM support and missing Insert key :(

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Re: Thinkpad X270: still no QHD or thunderbolt... :(

2017-02-07, 18:22 PM

Missing Thunderbolt is the biggest issue for me..

I too need to upgrade my laptop (from my X201), first I was waiting because of the "broken" touchpads and than for thunderbolt because I want an eGPU...


I dont understand why they included it in Yoga and not in X model...


I realy hope one day Lenovo will create a laptop with all new technologies so we dont have to compromise..

Ofcourse they can ask a premium price for it and I would be willing to pay it gladly..


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Re: Thinkpad X270: still no QHD or thunderbolt... :(

2017-02-25, 21:23 PM

I agree - with the way we tend to work on PCs these days (lots of applications, running for days or weeks between reboots) I think more memory is still a good way to improve real-world performance.


I've had 16GB on my X220 since Oct 2014 - at the time it was revolutionary, whereas now I do often use it up. Maybe paging memory out to PCIe SSD helps, but it doesn't seem unrealistic to want to see 32GB in ultrabooks.

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X220: i7, 16GB, m500 960GB, F5521gw
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