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Thinkpad X380 yoga glass screen cracked without cause. Manufacturing fault?

Hello Lenovo customers,

After 7 months of use of my Thinkpad X380 yoga, my touchscreen was cracked, without any apparent cause. I am curious if there are more people with the same problem, so I would ask you to reply, when it occurred to you too.


The occurrence: Nothing extraordinary had happened. I put my laptop in good condition in a neoprene sleeve like every morning.

Then I put it in the laptop compartment of my bag. After ten minutes I was at work, got the laptop out of the bag and sleeve, opened it and the screen was cracked all over

The only difference with the other mornings was that the temperature outside was a little colder in comparison with other days.


Because I could not prove it was not my fault, Lenovo didn't do on site repairs, but I had to send my laptop in. After three weeks it came back repaired. I had to pay €465.

When it was back, I discovered a small fracture in the cover at the hinge. Now Lenovo sent in the on site repairman, because it should have been repaired. When he tried to carefully remove the cover, immediately a new crack appeared in the new screen. The repairman blamed it on the screen being under too much tension. Now they will repair it in some days. But I am suspicious this is a manufacturing fault because it happened for the second time.


The same thing happens to other people with Lenovo or Thinkpad yoga laptops bought last years, like you can see:


I like the laptop very much, but I wouldn't like it to go on and happen again when the warranty will not be valid anymore. Perhaps the screens are under too much tension every time. Is the screen quality not Thinkpad-grade? I am curious if I am just unlucky, or these yoga cracks appear everywhere?


Thanks for your responses!



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