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Thinkpad X61 Tablet: Fan Vibration

2008-08-02, 19:04 PM



I hope someone can give me an insight into this issue. I received my new ThinkPad X61 Tablet a couple weeks ago (I have to say, it's been great so far!). However, I've got an issue with the fan assembly in my unit. Not a major issue, but an annoyance nonetheless. Model number/type is 7764 CTO L3-xxxxx


The fan underneath the left palmrest seems to be generating excessive noise and vibration. It's not huge, but enough to hear it, noticably, over the notebook playing music. I can feel the vibration when I rest my hand on the palmrest, and the problem is excarbated when the notebook is on a hard surface -- i.e., a desk. This has been an issue since I received the laptop, and is definitely the fan. I suspect the rotor is slightly unbalanced.


Now, will Lenovo's EasyServ warranty cover this issue? I realize that it doesn't affect the functionality of the computer, but it is annoying (particularly in my place-of-work). Secondly, if Lenovo will repair it, how long will this take? I have classes starting in three weeks and while I can use a work computer at work, I don't have another computer to use for school. I have a 2-year EasyServ warranty -- if I wait until next summer to get it serviced, (assuming they will service this issue under warranty), will they still do it, considering I knew about the issue but opted to wait to get it fixed? And where would I request this warranty service?


I suppose I could live with the problem, but if at all possible, I'd really like to have it fixed.


Thanks for your input.




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