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Paper Tape
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Thinkpad Yoga Shipping Delay

I ordered a Thinkpad OLED Yoga, 16GB ram and 1TB SSD, on 6/17/2016. This order has been delayed many times due to parts back order, first the drive, then the screen, at least that's what I'm told, but frankly I've lost respect for customer support as they cannot provide any concrete details about my order. The latest estimate indicates that it will ship 9/12/2016, almost 3 months after the order. 


I do want this machine and I see others on this forum have recieved a similar configuration. So, what is the deal here? Is Lenovo the most incompetent company on earth? Why offer a configuration they cannot fullfill? The current shipping window for this configuration is 3 weeks. 


Can anyone shed any light here?




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Re: Thinkpad Yoga Shipping Delay

You've ordered a machine with the highest configuration, using a drive and screen that have only recently become available. I don't believe Lenovo reserve parts for specific orders, so your machine will not be built until both the screen and drive are in stock. As yours is a "Configured To Order" machine, you will almost certainly then have to wait for the machine to be shipped from China.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Thinkpad Yoga Shipping Delay

I ordered my UK model on the 30/06. It was pushed back 3 times finally it was supposed to ship on the 9/9, so I was very surprised to have it ship on the 29/08. It arrives tomorrow (fingers crossed)
Paper Tape
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Re: Thinkpad Yoga Shipping Delay

I ordered a X1 Yoga with 1TB and 16GB the 22th of August 2016, expected to be shipped after 8 days. Then Lenovo said half of September, then 14th of October. Then the shipping date became 9th of November, then moved to 14th of November... that's not serious. In the mean time the new Microsoft Surface Book and the new Mac Book Pro have been released. 

What's DOS?
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Re: Thinkpad Yoga Shipping Delay

Same here. I ordered one X1 Yoga OLED with 6600U / 16G RAM / 512G NVMe SSD on 21/09/16. Firstly I was told to receive it within 2 weeks, then 6 weeks, then 8 weeks. Now 8 weeks passed Lenovo cannot even tell me a correct shipping date! It has been POSTPONED TWICE WITHOUT ANY EXPLANATION. Really disappointed. I will definitely ask for compensation since this ruined my study life - I am still in extremely urgent situation to get it for graduate studies!

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Re: Thinkpad Yoga Shipping Delay

X1 Yoga OLED no longer orderable on According to Lenovo Sales Assistance:


X1 Yoga OLED is discontinued until January
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What's DOS?
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Re: Thinkpad Yoga Shipping Delay

For the US Lenovo it might be true. But still, in my case (switzerland), OLED option is available until now.

I guess that is because of the limited productivity of OLED panels for notebook sizes and they have some new buyers to come. Maybe that includes X1 Carbon 5th gen and X1 Yoga 2nd gen Smiley Wink

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