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What's DOS?
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Thinkpad x120e - Audio cuts off Randomly

Hello everyone. I just joined these forums - I am new here. I joined to get help on a problem with my Thinkpad x120e.


First of all, I know(or I can tell) that the Thinkpad x120e is rarely talked about here now and that this Laptop/Netbook came out awhile ago, so please don't critisize me.

Also, beware, this thread is going to be Really long, and thorough.


Second, here is the problem.

My problem is that my Thinkpad x120e's sound seems to cut off at random times when listening to something, and it usually cuts off after 2-3 1/2 in the audio. However, If I stop the audio for a few seconds and play it again, I'm able to hear it again.


Here's what I've tried to fix this problem so far:


  1. Uninstalling the "Conexant 20582 SmartAudio HD" driver to Windows 7's generic driver
  2. Rolling Back from the "AMD High Definition Audio Device" driver, same as above
  3. Reinstalling Both drivers above in a seperate way, and I got different results when testing the audio, I will get to that below
  4. Playing audio on an Ubuntu Live CD, will get to the result below
  5. Uninstalling the Lenovo Power Manger App (Which made no different whatsoever)

Now here are the results:

  1. Same problem
  2. Same problem, except with a different result, I will explain in #3
  3. I tried rolling back both drivers to the Windows Generic driver and the result I got is that the audio would cut off within one second. However, on headphones, they play just fine, without randomly cutting off. I reinstalled the AMD driver and with that, the audio cut off within 2 minutes. Tried headphones here, they played fine here. I rolled back the AMD Driver and reinstalled the Conexant Driver. With that, the audio played for 2 minutes or so. With both updated drivers, the sound plays for 2-3 minutes then I can't hear it anymore all of a sudden. This also happens on headphones here. These are really strange results.
  4. In the Ubuntu Live Environment, I tried to play a sound testing video on the YouTube site, and the HTML5 player wouldn't even start playing. Sounds worked on Ubuntu(I tested it), so I'm not sure why. So then I installed VLC and tried playing a video from there. I got the same result like in Windows, I never tested my headphones here, though.

From doing all of this, I suspect that this may be a hardware issue, which is unfortunate. I really don't want to unscrew my Thinkpad, but because of the way this looks, it looks like I might just have to.


Thanks for any responses.

What's DOS?
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Re: Thinkpad x120e - Audio cuts off Randomly

Hi. I've got same issue with my X201t. Have you managed to fix yours? Thanks!

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