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Thinkpad x230 eGPU GTX 970 not booting or code 12 error



in the last 2 month I read quite a lot about eGPU and fortunately(at least I thought so..) I have a x230 notebook which usually works fine with eGPUs and also in some german forums there where quite a lot people with setups combining the parts I have right now.


Those are the PE4L-EC060A v2.1b Adapter to connect my new Zotac Geforce GTX 970 through the expressCard Slot in my X230.

My X230 has 16gb of ram and I thought that might be the problem but I have also updated the BIOS to the newest version 2.62 which should have solved the problem. I also tried with removing one bar of 8gb ram but still does not work. If I plug the expressCard adapter into my notebook it recognizes the card and i can install the drivers. But if I reboot, it hangs up during boot process before my grub loader shows up (I also tried with an usb fresh installed windows 7) and hangs there without any error or anything... I heard that if I start with the card inside it is normal that it restarts after 1 second because of the TOLUD Table which initializes again so these setups would work. But even then it does not work and freezes.. 
I also took a video of the booting process:


If I, like some guys recommended, plug the card in only when grub shows up, it boots but then I get the "famous" code 12 error.


Could it be because the zotac gtx 970 has 4gb ram?


I really dont know what to do anymore Smiley Sad


I also did some pictures of my setup if that might help to find the source of what is going wrong:


Link to image 1


Link to image 2


Link to image 3


Link to image 4


Link to image 5


If someone could help me I would be veeeeeeeeeeeeeery glad Smiley Happy


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Re: Thinkpad x230 eGPU GTX 970 not booting or code 12 error

Please look up the following page.


Guide: DSDT override eGPU error 12 fix (Windows only)

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