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Thinkpad x260 WIndows 7 rebuild from bootbale media

I have a new Lenovo x260 that I want to flatten and rebuild using our own version of Windows 7 media.

I can boot up and it starts to install but then when I click Install windows I get the following error


Load Driver

A required CD/DVD drive device drive is missing. If you have a floppy disk/CD, DVD or USB f;lash drive please insert it now.


I bascially want to reformat the HDD and build as we did with teh x230, x240,x250 Whats changed!!!!!



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Re: Thinkpad x260 WIndows 7 rebuild from bootbale media

You probably need the USB 3.0 drivers.  They'll have to be integrated into the install media since once the installer has switched to its internal drivers it won't be able to see an external drive for an "F6" driver add.


If your laptop uses an NVMe SSD you'll also need that driver or the installer won't be able to see the install target.  That comes from a MS hotfix.


There's a thread or two here that addresses those issues.  I'll dig around and try to find them.


[edit] Here's one.  (Ignore my incorrect advice early in the thread):


I'm also working on a little tutorial with an X1 Yoga as the example but don't know when that will be done.



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