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Blue Screen Again
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Thinkpad x270 will not boot - beep code and blank display

I have had my current Thinkpad x270 for just over a year now, and recently encountered several issues with random shutdowns and freezes, culminating in a total failure to boot that I encountered just last week.


All of this appeared to start after a random freeze and crash that occured while my father was carrying the laptop around one-handed, which I presume is related to the issue I have seen mentioned in the forums about the death-zone on the left-hand palm rest area that causes issues when pressure is exerted. I wasn't there at the time so I am unsure of the exact original symptoms.


Since then, I have encountered several cases of random shutdown mid-way into the boot process, which seems to be correlated to typing on the keyboard (I assume that putting pressure on the internals is the culprit here, but I am not too clear on the details).


Aside from a keyboard replacement a number of months ago, the internals have been untouched up until this current problem manifested.


The nature of the current problem is as follows:


1. Laptop is powered off

2. Power button is pressed

3. Power button LED lights up green

4. Screen remains dark

5. Computer produces a specific pattern of beeps (2 overlapping tones (HIGH into LOW), followed by MID-LOW-LOW-MID pitch)


The pattern of tones is repeated several times upon pressing any of the following key combinations:

 - Fn + Esc (FnLock)

 - Fn + Spacebark (Backlight)


The power button indicator remains lit until it is held down for several seconds or the hard-off hole is activated.


So far I have been unable to figure out what POST code this sound pattern corresponds to, if it is indeed POST; I assume that it is, as the boot process doesn't even make it to BIOS.


If the information I have provided so far is insufficient to diagnose the issue, I am happy to provide further details. If anyone knows what is the issue I am experiencing is caused by, or how to troubleshoot or solve it, any help is greatly appreciated. For now I have switched to a backup laptop so I have something to work with on the go, but its battery life and touchpad are a downgrade from the x270, not to mention the fact that I haven't gotten my old files and software transferred over yet.

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Re: Thinkpad x270 will not boot - beep code and blank display

Hello and welcome,


I can't speak to your specific issue but this may help with diagnosis:


I just stumbled across this myself a couple of days ago. Put the app on my Android phone and let it listen to the "song" a T580 was playing.  It provided an instant indiction of what the tones meant.



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