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Thinpad X1 Yoga vide issues

I doubt there are any fixes and these are mostly observations, but here goes:


1. The other day, I had screen flashes for a couple hours in the middle of the day. I was battery for extended time, but not doing anything video intensive - taking notes with onenote in laptop mode. The screen would flash with random frequency, and made it almost unusuble, but then would stop for a few minutes and start again. It finally stopped, but i never found a cause. I did disable the WIndows error reporting, made sure i had the latest driver (mine is slightly newer then what lenovo system wants to download) - 


2. Video resolution when used with external monitor - I have an external monitor above the laptop - leaving the laptop at recommended 2560 x 1440 and size at 200% (recommended) makes the laptop 2x as big as the monitor above it in the extended desktop layout - this causes issues moving the mouse between the 2 as the monitor is 2x the size of the lptop. (Driver


3. Dragging windows from this 200% display to  my external monitor causes some 200% sized artifacts until the entire

window is moved.


4. I use synergy to share mouse and keyboard between my Macbook and this - the mouse hits an artificial wall near the laptop right side - i believe it has to do with the display scaling


5. Reducing the lapop to 1280 x 720 at 100% solves all the above issues, but then text is not crisp in Outlook app. Most other apps look fine, as does windows itself. 



I am using display link dynadock. I know my setup is complicated, but none of these problems existed with the same configuration using my P50 or a second macbook in this spot. I am 99% sure the display adapter/settings are responsible for this, but since i have the latest drivers, i don't think i can do much else. 

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