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Re: Trackpoint Drifting X1 Carbon gen 6

To preface. This is my 3rd thinkpad. t61p, t530, x1c6. 


I'm a 100% trackpoint user. Never use a mouse. I have the trackpad turned off. I use Ubuntu 18.04 LTS currently, but I have another x1c6 which runs Windows 10.


Both my Linux & Windows x1c6 have drift. 


Keep in mind, my t61p & t530 both had drift, BUT is was rare and easily fixable by leaving the trackpoint alone while it recalibrates. This was annoying at times, but didn't happen enough to where my computer was unusable at times like the x1c6.


The drift is so bad on my x1c6 that it continously happens for hours, where I feel like I'm fighting with my laptop to use it at times. It can happen immediately after I allow the trackpoint to recalibrate. This happens both on Ubuntu & Windows. It's so frustrating I can barely use my laptop at times. It kills my productivity and fighting against the drift to use my laptop hurts my fingers.


Here's a video of my drift issues


You'll notice in a 1 minute video, I'm able to trigger drift 4 times, after each time letting it recalibrate. The jerky movements are me, and the slow straight line pulls are the drift. This is not a rare experience, this is the constant experience using my laptops.


Now I understand low consistant presure can cause drift and require not using trackpoint for a time and recalibrate, but as you see from my video, I'm not performing long low constant presure movements and drift still gets triggered. It's WAY too easy to trigger drift. 


I'm considering asking for keyboard replacement or something, because after months of just putting up with this, I'm at my ends. I was fighting attempting to use my computer last night for hours.

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Re: Trackpoint Drifting X1 Carbon gen 6

I have had some drift free days after uninstalling the synaptics drivers. Not sure if this is all coincidence, had to do with another update or whatever. I have not tested this long enough to conclude that the problem is all gone. Maybe some other people could try this and share their experiences?


My process was to remove the drivers through the device manager, basically following the instructions in the readme file on the driver download page for the latest synaptics driver.


After restarting and trying to configure the stock windows drivers I got prompted for another restart. Turns out the synaptics drivers got installed right back without any input from my side... I gave up trying to remove them and just continued as usual, but it seems that it might have helped.


I had the latest drivers before, and the same latest drivers after. I have reinstalled drivers before and still had drifts, but maybe the removal did the trick. Also I use the vantage app, that might have been why I got the drivers right back after removing them.

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Re: Trackpoint Drifting X1 Carbon gen 6

Removing the drivers didn't work for me. still drifted.

I've had lenovo replace the keyboard assembly but the drifting still occured.


I suspect it's a firmware issue? 

Lenovo - any updates?


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Re: Trackpoint Drifting X1 Carbon gen 6

Exact same problem here. Newish Thinkpad X1 Carbon 6th gen, got it around June 2018. I will be working and then the trackpad pointer just takes off running to one or the other side. Nothing I can do but stop working. From all of the reports I see about this all over the internet I don't think this is a problem of I just got a defective system (and I don't want to trade this in for a refurb.) I've seen reports of the same thing in Yogas, so I suspect this is a fundamental Lenovo Trackpoint issue.

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Re: Trackpoint Drifting X1 Carbon gen 6

I bought an X1 Carbon 5th gen in Oct 2017.  I immediately realized there was a drift problem from day one.  I had been a trackpoint user years ago and had seen minor drift with other trackpoints before (after perhaps hours of heavy use) but with the Carbon I experience it every 5-10 minutes.


I was not in a position to return the laptop and needed it, I have been using it now close to a year and the drift is still an issue.  To avoid the problem I mostly use the touchpad (not the best touchpad in the world) or a wireless mouse.  Several trackpoint driver updates have come down via Lenovo Vantage.  Each time I am hoping that a driver update will correct the issue, but they have not.


I am afraid that this is an inherent design flaw (with the physical trackpoint sensor itself) and not correctable on a driver level.  I hope I'm wrong, with every update I cross my fingers!

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Re: Trackpoint Drifting X1 Carbon gen 6

if it is an inherent problem with the hardware it may not be so bad because a keayboard replacement would fix it.

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Re: Trackpoint Drifting X1 Carbon gen 6


I saw this - appears to be the touchpad firmware only


Before i installed it i was already on firmware PackRat ID 2698617 (when you press Shift + Alt+ I in the Mouse setting/Thinkpad menu) 
After i installed the firmware - it appears to be exactly the same version 2698617 


I still get the drifting problem with the trackpoint.

It seems to be worse (at least more noticible) when the trackpoint is set to higher sensitivity (Which is a must when using high resolution screen (WQHD)


note my thinkpad does not have NFC sensor on keyboard (if that makes any difference)


PS. My keyboard has already been replaced by Lenovo (i know it's replaced because it is onsite warranty and I saw it done with my own eyes)


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Re: Trackpoint Drifting X1 Carbon gen 6

Having read 35+ posts on the Trackpoint Drifting X1 issue I will add that I have a 2018 X1 with the exact same issue. 

I called for on site service two weeks ago.  They replaced keyboard and track pad.  Issue resurfaced in a couple of days.

It is worse on external monitors than on the laptop screen itself.  If I switch between the two it tends to break the cycle.  I am saddenened that Lenovo has not responded to this thread.



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Re: Trackpoint Drifting X1 Carbon gen 6

I've had the drifting cursor with non-responsive touchpad issues from day 1 on my X1C 5th gen. I sent it in once, it didn't fix anything. Have done all the driver updates, nothing fixes this. Sadly this has changed my behavior to avoid using the Trackpoint very much. It happens almost every time I use it.


Lenovo really needs to address this issues, it's been there for years.

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Re: Trackpoint Drifting X1 Carbon gen 6

Lenovo say they have never heard of the issue. Strange, happens to my x1 gen 5 since day 1. 

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