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USB-A Port Problem with X1 Extreme MS Sculpt Comfort Keyboard/Mouse

I have a strange issue with one of my X1 Extreme's USB-A ports (specifically, port 2, the one closest to me while sitting at the computer). 


A single peripheral disconnects and reconnects occassionally when plugged into this port (I hear the notification sound of a device disconnecting then reconnecting). The peripheral is a wireless dongle for the Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard and Mouse combo. This happens every several minutes, and only occurs for a few seconds, but during that time, I lose keystrokes and mouse movements, so it's a problem.


The weird thing is no other peripheral I've tested on port two has this problem (mostly wired mice and keyboards) -- only the wireless dongle. 


The other weird thing is that if I plug the dongle into port 1 (the USB-A port toward the back of the computer), I don't have this issue. This is what makes me think it may be a problem with the X1 Extreme's port, and not a problem with the dongle. 


I've tried updating all USB drivers and the MS device drivers with no effect. I've also used USBLogView (a small, free program) to monitor it, and it indeed disconnects and reconnects, but the program doesn't provide more info than that.


Any tips on how to troubleshoot this would be appreciated.

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Re: USB-A Port Problem with X1 Extreme MS Sculpt Comfort Keyboard/Mouse

I'm having problems connecting two USB sticks of the same build to any of the USB ports of my X1 Extreme.


This would suggest that it is not a single defective stick that is causing the problem.

The sticks are working fine on any other machine or USB hub that I'm using.


The behaviour is similar to yours: If I don't push in the stick to the end, the connection may succeed. Pushed in to the end, however, the sticks are not recognized.


I'm having this problem only with these two sticks. Any other USB device I tried connected fine.


I came to the conclusion that this is a mechanical problem with the USB connections, either of the sticks or the notebook.


Since you seem to experience similiar problems, my guess now is that it is the X1 Extreme ports that may be problematic.


You may be able to solve your problems by using a USB hub that is not having connection problems.

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