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USB Mouse on X230 very erratic

I am suddenly having a problem with my USB wireless mouse that is connected to my X230. It has started acting very strangely - opening windows, emails and documents when I just hover - no clicking - and will open anything the cursor is near - no matter whether I want it to or not. This is a newer behavior - it worked fine when I got the laptop in July, but in the past few weeks, it has beocme a bigger and bigger issue.


It recently opened over 30 browser windows before I could figure out how to stop it. I have scanned for viruses, tried several different mice, used all three of the USB ports, and it still happens. If I restart the laptop, it seems fine for a time, but then suddenly, it happens again. It is very frustrating when it goes crazy like that and there is no way to gain control except unplugging the USB nub or restarting the computer.


I would appreciate any ideas - have looked around online and see various suggestions - change speed of mouse, disable tapping on trackpad (which I don't use), change battery (I did), download driver (up to date), but none seem to work.


Right now in my Device manager, I have this HID Compliant Mouse and the Thinkpad Ultranav Pointing Device under Mice, and I have 5 Human Interface Devices - one HID compliant Consumer Control device, two HID compliant devices and two USB Input devices, but I don't know what they actually all are.


I'll be happy to provide any additional info that might help.



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Re: USB Mouse on X230 very erratic

Had the same problem.Looks like there is a bug in the ThinkPad UltraNav Driver.I uninstalled it and my external USB mouse started working well again.




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