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Blue Screen Again
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Ultrabase Suddenly Non-Functioning; Strange Lighted Dock Indicators

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X200 w/ Ultrabase on Win7. Worked fine this morning. Disconnected x200 from docking station properly this morning and hibernated, as usual. Returned, dropped x200 into docking station:


Not Working:

 - external mouse

 - external keyboard

 - docking station speakers


AND - on the left side of the docking station, where the un-dock lever is, all three lights are lit: green arrow left of undock button, green arrow right of undock button and red stop indicator right of undock button.


I've performed a variety of reset functions: restarted, shutdown, unplugged keyboard/mouse [they work when plugged directly into x200] - all to no avail.


I've just seen that a BIOS upate came out in December 2010, so I'm off to upgrade that, but really can't see that it would cause this freakout. HELP!



Updated BIOS [3.17] - no change.

Further details:
-apparently the docking station is simply not supplying power to the ports since
--no lights on keyboard
--cd drive not functioning


Apparently it is a power issue. Passthrough ports [monitor] work fine, but those requiring power do not. I removed the battery from the X200 then docked to ultrabase - booted up and all peripherals work. What causes such a problem?

Blue Screen Again
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎03-19-2011
Location: USA
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After booting up w/o the battery in the X200, I shutdown. Then slipped the battery back into the X200, started up and all is golden. Crazy! Hopefully this does not become a regular occurence - my hair may go white even faster than it is already!

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