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Paper Tape
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Ultrabase x6 Replacement keys

Hi all,


I have recently lost the keys for my x6 ultrabase. The laptop is left on its base which is tethered to my desk and it can spend a large amount of the day there unsupervised. So the lock is very important to me.


The problem is, as far as I can tell, is that replacement keys are only available from an American base - I must be the only person in Europe with an ultrabase I have deduced ! Anyway that's normally not a problem and just a slight inconvenience shipping times wise. But then the shipping rate I was given was £28  ... for 2 keys that weigh no more than a few grams. I have mailed them on this but have not got a response.


Long story short, is there a way to get these keys in Europe for anything less than a combined cost of £40 ?


Thanks all for reading


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Re: Ultrabase x6 Replacement keys

Thomas, welcome to the forum,


I don't know who you've been in contact with already, but the official source for Replacement Keys is ITXchange who have offices in Greenock, Scotland.


Maybe you could get in touch with them.



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Paper Tape
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Re: Ultrabase x6 Replacement keys

Hi Andy,


Thanks for the hint, I gave them a call in Scotland and they were very helpful. He said that unfortunately they are aware of this and have raised this issue with itxchange many times. The other shipping option is to have the item transfered to them in Scotland and then forwarded on to me but he said this is likely to cost more than the aforementioned international postage.


Considering I can buy a whole new x6 base for less than £15 with keys on an "internet auction site" Smiley Wink I probably will go down that route and sell my own to someone who does not need the locking capacity !


Many thanks for your help !

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Re: Ultrabase x6 Replacement keys

Hello and to Whomever this may concern,


We purchased a Lenovo X61 laptop and to our surprise an X6

Ultrabase was attached.  Unfortunately, the seller did not advise

us that the unit was locked and that no keys were included.


So we searched around and found IT Xchange that supplies keys;

We are in the USA and the price for the keys (2) is 19 USD; if

you are in Europe you can have someone send them to you using

USPS which costs 15 USD. Total is 34 USD (GBP 25.84, EURO 28.89).

Hope this helps someone!

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