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What's DOS?
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Undervolting X1 Carbon G6

This is my first post here.

Although I found previous posts of users complaining about the same problem, none seemed to have a definite solution - at least not the ones I read.


I'd like to undervolt my X1 Carbon G6 - the CPU is an i5-8350U. Using Intel XTU the system is stable with -110mV, but there are two problems:

1-The system crashes when resuming from sleep

2-The (XTU) program doesn't retain settings after a shutdown


As of 07/2019 is there a known solution to both problems?


Alternatively, is Throttlestop worth a shot? Is it stable and is it frugal on used resources?


Another alternative I've seen mentioned elswhere in these forums is changing voltages in the bios, using some (Linux?) software which makes further bios settings available. But the user who mentioned it didn't detail how/whether that worked.


thanks for your help,



Blue Screen Again
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Re: Undervolting X1 Carbon G6

The solution is do not use Intel XTU.  Everyone has the same problems with it.  XTU not retaining settings after resuming from sleep has still not been fixed.  


ThrottleStop is stable and uses 1/10th the resources that XTU does; memory and CPU usage.  It also sets the voltages correctly after resuming from sleep or hibernate mode.  It has been specifically designed to bring out the most from Intel's 8th Gen low power U CPUs. 


Here is how my 8550U performs.  not bad for a CPU that has a 15 Watt TDP rating.



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Re: Undervolting X1 Carbon G6

Throttlestop is great. To save you time, the only controls you have to change are in the FIVR view.

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