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Punch Card
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Upgrade SSD X1 Carbon Gen 4

I just purchased a new X1 Carbon with a 512Gb PCIe-NVMe SSD.  I failed to follow my general rule of getting as much memory and disk as possible.  So, I'd like to upgrade this SSD but have three questions:


1)  What actual part do I have to order from Lenovo,

2)  How do I install it, and

3)  How do I copy the physical 512Gb SSD to the new 1Tb SSD, so I still have the Lenovo O/S and everything else I've installed on it?


I have partitioned my SSD so there is:


1 - 260Mb of a simple EFI System partition

1 - 1000Mb of a Recovery partition

1 - 84Gb of a Windows 10 partition

1 - 391Gb of an additional partition (defined as D:\)


Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks,

Token Ring
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Re: Upgrade SSD X1 Carbon Gen 4

1. I don't see Lenovo having any larger options. I'd wait for the soon to be released Samsung 960 Pro/Evo depending on your budget. Another option is SM961/PM961 but these are OEM so support is down to vendor only. There are no many 1TB+ M.2/NGFF options. (this is what I'm planning)


2. See the manual, just remove old one and install new one. Be careful the screw was really tight on mine and was destroyed upon removal (Lenovo seems to have moved to crappy aluminium screws from the harder metal ones before)


3. Do you really need to do this or can you just install afresh? There are 2 ways to do this using popular transfer software:


a. Copy SSD image onto a USB disk; install new SSD and restore from USB disk.


b. If you have a desktop computer, buy a cheap M.2/NGFF PCIe adapter card and install SSD into a PCIe slot in desktop and transfer this way. (this is my method but then again I have the adapter(s) already)


Perhaps others can chime in with their options.

Punch Card
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Re: Upgrade SSD X1 Carbon Gen 4

Thanks for the info.  When I purchased the machine at the end of Aug (1st of Sep) there was a 1TB option.  It takes me a week, or so, to build my machine because I develop and use a lot of software, with thousands of configurations.  So a fresh install isn't an option (I'd just forget upgrading).


I did purchase a 4Tb USB 3.0 hard disk and it supposedly has a backup utility, so I can use that disk to hold a copy of my 512Gb SSD.  I also have a boot image on a USB stick (using Windows Media Creation Tool).  The trick to restoring is that the new SSD won't have an O/S on it, or anything else.  So, how does one actually go about restoring a 512Gb SSD image from an external hard disk to the new, clean, 1Tb SSD drive just installed?


It's always something.  :-)

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