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What's DOS?
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Upgraded X201 with SSD and fresh W10 Pro install. Having trouble with some shortcut keys.

From an OS install standpoint, upgradng my trusty old X201 went beautifully. Startup times and operation are fantastic, and my battery life jumped up considerably. Biometrics, touchpoint... everything's working swimmingly... well, almost.


Only problems I have are with shortcut keys. I know my ThinkLight isn't due for replacement because I can swap back to my old mechanical drive and Fn+PgUp toggles the light on and off, I just need help locating what driver is responsible for that. I've dug through the confusing matrix of Lenovo's legacy support page and tried many mangement+OSD installer combos to no avail. Device manager would have me believe that I've successfully found all my drivers, yet I'm still without a functioning ThinkLight.


Brightness toggling also became weird. Regardless of whether I'm using the brightness slider within battery options, the brightness toggle within the action center or the Fn+Home/End shortcuts, brightness absolutely will not adjust to the level I set it at until I powercycle. Not a huge deal as powercycling's now lightning fast, but it's something I'd like to resolve. I'm thinking the right driver set should knock out both.


Any advice?

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