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Would it be possible to upgrade the SSD of the X1 carbon to 512 GB, and RAM to 16 GB manually? How hard would that be, if possible?


The SSD of an X1 Carbon can be upgraded to the max of 256GB. 


However, the RAM is built into the motherboard and cannot be upgraded manually.


Here is the parts detail for the system board:


This is the parts detail for the SSD:


This is the Hardware Removal and Installation Index that shows customer replaceable units:


This is the HMM for the X1 Carbon:





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when will lenovo offer something bigger than 256 gb for the yoga or X1?


For the X1 Carbon there is no storage larger than 256 gigs. For the Yoga 13, you can use standard format mSATA, and Yoga 13 has 2 x mSATA slots, for potentially 1 tb of mSATA (2 x 512 gigs). 


Anyone know where I can get the 256 GB SSD that can replace my 128 GB one? And how fast is the SD solution comparatively?

What is the part number or model number for the 256G SSD? 256GB Sandisk SD5SL2-256G-1205E or SD5SG2-256G-1052E will work with 3444-F9U?

For the X1 Carbon there is no storage larger than 256 gig is INCORRECT.


Lenovo now offers a 512GB drive for the X1 Carbon. As larger drives become available, there is no reason why the larger SSDs would not work in the X1 Carbon. It is purely a function on the M.2 length size.


@pjg you do know this article is written about the first gen X1 carbon, which does not use M.2 SSD?


Please see here. Hoping for some added guidance...



Will this Crucial M550 512GB SATA M.2 2280 CT512M550SSD4 work in the X1 3444FEU from 6/2014?




I don't think it will. You have to have a aprover hardware with the FRU number or Whitelisted by Lenovo.


Otherwise don't bother, Lenovo provide a list with aproved hardware. What is your model #?


The SSD for the 1st generation Carbon X1 has a proprietary "SFF" interface on it.  So mSATA and M.2 SSD drives will not work.


You're pretty much limited to these drives:


45N8481 2 SD 128GB 3.7mmH SanDisk SF X10-128
45N8483 2 SD 256GB 3.7mmH SanDisk SF X10-256 
Though there are adapters to add an M.2 drive to the SFF slot, I have not used them.



Welcom I have a question.

I have a Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon 3Gen disk M.2


Can I replace the drive on ??
Is motherboard supports the disk 1 TB intel  ??




Hi Folks!

Just to end the debate if it is possible to upgrade the 1st Generation of X1 Carbon (Type 3460) here some Fotos. I'm working several month with this 512 GB Samsung 850 msata SSD.

Happy Upgrading!

1) IMG_20160923_161142.jpgIMG_20160923_161238.jpgIMG_20160925_103125.jpg


And of course it's possible to use other msata SSDs from different manufacturers. Essential is just the msata-port an the formfactor.


So x1c gen2 just onely upgrade ssd with m2 sata slot?dont upgrade ssd on msata slot?

What happens if a 512 GB SSD is installed? Will the X1 only show usage of 256 GB?

I have an X1 Carbon (20BSCT01WW)  with a 512GB SSD and looking to upgrade to 1TB SSD.  

Is the Lenovo 1TB SSD PCIe TLC OPAL2.0 compatible?


Dear Gents, I have Carbon X1 1st generation. Can I uprgrade to 256GB 1/8 inch factor Kingston SSD disc? I have just 128GB SSD in stock configuration. My product code is 3460. Many thanks for any advice.


Kindest regards




Hi  f_lux, sorry to revive an old thread, but I've read this adapter cauuses the keyboard to bulge up slightly due to it's thickness.  Can you confirm if this is correct?.  Looking to put a 256 msata in my x1c1.  Thanks.


Does anyone have a suggestion for an external device that I can use to extract data from a Gen 1 X1 SSD?  It is Lenovo PN 45N8304.


It has the FFS connection.  I havent been able to locate an adapter that will work.  I need to get data from the SSD since the laptop cratered.