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Paper Tape
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Upgrading thinkpad x270 with 2.5 2 tb ssd

Dear forum members. I just  bought thinkpad x270. This laptop came with 256 gb m.2 SSD. I would like to upgrade it to 2 tb 2.5 sata SSD. I have bought a different ssd cable with proper connector for sata ssd. However simply replacing m.2 ssd with sata did not work. After turning the laptop on I am getting the message 2100 error initializing main sata ssd. Sorry, it is not exact error, I don't remember exactly, however something similar.
  I would like to find, first of all, is it possible to install the 2.5 sata ssd to Thinkpad x270, if yes, do I need to change any BIOS settings?
  Would anyone just let me know, how I can install the 2.5 sata ssd into this laptop and if it is all possible? Any info would be greatly appreciated!

Lenovo Employee Jan_Lenovo
Lenovo Employee
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Re: Upgrading thinkpad x270 with 2.5 2 tb ssd

Dear, welcome to Lenovo forum, does your system have sata port to install SSD? have you tried sata port for your 2TB sata SSD ?
Punch Card
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Re: Upgrading thinkpad x270 with 2.5 2 tb ssd

I replaced the 256GB M.2 SSD in my X280 with a 500GB M.2 SSD.  I tried using tools like Macrium Reflect and Minitool to do image backup and restore. I actually spent way too long on those tools.  They would not create bootable images (even though they said they had).


I then went down the Windows path. 

1. Created a bootable Win10 usb drive (only 4GB) from ISO image.

2. Created system image backup to external USB drive using Windows' Backup (for Windows 7).

3. Disabled battery

4. Disabled optimizations in BIOS (last page)

4. Removed original M.2

5. Installed new M.2

6. Booted from bootable USB

7. Connected external USB drive and restored image

8. Reenabled BIOS optimizations.  (Battery is reenabled automatically)

Worked perfectly!


I ran some checks to verify trim was good.

ThinkPad X280 | Intel Core i7-8650U | 12.5" FHD; IPS | 16GB DDR4 2400MHz | 480GB XPG M.2 SSD | Fingerprint | BT | Intel UHD 629 | Win 10 Pro x64

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