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Very annoying. ThinkVantage System Update Keeps Crashing... [x201]

Whenever I go to "Get New Updates", it stops at 15% and crashes and I am then forced to close the program.


Anyone know a way around this? I can't get updates if this keeps happening.

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Re: Very annoying. ThinkVantage System Update Keeps Crashing... [x201]

It's either the system update program error or some other configs...maybe the downloading of the drivers have conflict. You can try either


go into C:\Program Files (x86)\Lenovo\System Update\session and press delete most of the update folders into the trash can, leaving behind those folders with whole name. For example, remove 7xwb06ww etc which are normally the name of the updates/driver. DON'T empty the trash yet because if something is wrong you can restore the positions of those folders.


Run update again and see if the error occurs.


Alternatively, instead of updating lets say 5 drivers at once, choose only 1 driver and run the system update and see if it works. Maybe one of the other updates is conflicting with others



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Re: Very annoying. ThinkVantage System Update Keeps Crashing... [x201]

Or just uninstall and reinstall System Update. That might work too.

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