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Very odd Port (DP and Mini-DP)-Crashes with Bioshock infinity and CIV V



I own Lenovo x230 with DELL UH2414H connected with DP and Mini-DP. Intel HD4000 is in use only, no card.

My monitor crashes but not my laptop. When? Every once in a while/regular/often when I start Bioshock infinity or Civ V. Both games run nicely even in extreme conditions without crash. Bioshock runs smoothly only in low quality, but it does not crash necessarily all the time. Other games run most of the time without problems. Assassins-Creed or Gothic 3 - no problems with crashes.

But it seems like the 2k-Intro triggers a very odd crash. Sometimes also in-game, sometimes other background-programs seem to trigger it (E-Mail-Client, Windows-Button).

How the crash happens:
Monitor turns black, displays "energy-save-mode", and then turns black, with sometimes flickering between external and Notebook-Monitor. I hear the plugin-plugout sound interchanging, as if I would plug the device in and out frantically.
Once I shut down the DELL-Monitor, my Laptop-screen kicks in and everything is normal. The game has not crashed! I can proceed with any action on my Laptop, continue the game even from the point I left it.
Just I can't plug in the monitor and continue. That one wont work even if I disrupt power and replug. To connect with DELL Monitor successfully again, I have to restart my Laptop. After that - everything nice. I can do anything - until the next crash. Often several crashes happen in a row and then one day none at all.
I contacted Dell and they say, it might rather be Lenovos fault, a problem with Graphic cards and Display-port.Why then does the graphic card-crash not shut down the laptop monitor?
Lenovo threatens to charge for time if I bug them with questions after warranty expired.

I would be just so glad for a solution as it ruins many gamestarts.


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