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Fanfold Paper
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Video/Music automatically playing/unpausing!

Brand new x1c6, with the price tag I'd expect something *perfect*, but I am  reasonable person Smiley Wink and don't mind that one side doesn't close like the other side (small gap left side about 4 -7 mm) due to hinge position fudge up, besides, I don't want to go thru the painful process of waiting up to a month+ for a replacement for a device that I need now (hence paid for it now). Smiley Happy But I do feel I won the silicon lottery with my device (after reading/skimming all the horror stories on x1carbons and x1extremes problems/qaulity controlsSmiley Wink - most important, know what to expect - do research before purchasing.


To the point;


When I hover or selct a folder in Windows Explorer that contains .mp3 files, the folder is automatically sent to the associated media player, Windows Media Player, and starts playing (without my consent/intention)!


When I pause a playing video, it unpauses after  about 6 - 8 seconds! What the heck?


Another case; when I am watching a youtube video in Firefox, and hit pause, it will automatically resume playing shortly after, even when I siwtch to another application and put firefox in the background.


Another case; when I am watching a movie, and pause, it also resumes shortly after automatically!


Another case, this time I pause a youtube video in firefox, and play music in another music player, foobar2k, and hit pause.. seconds later foobar contiues playing....?


It doesn't matter the media player application or if in a browser or in Windows Explorer, the media is automatically being started, or unpaused!


Clicks are not being sent, seems some sendmessage/resume command is being transmitted, as backgound programs are still unpaused.. which process is doing the auto unpausing and why???


I have all autoplay options to OFF/DISABLED.


I have Win 10 with latest updates, and also all updates done via Lenovo Vantage. Tried rebooting, full shutdown, etc. toggling autostart options, disabling, etc. still same case.



In some cases when I try to pause a playing media, it immediately unpauses, denying me birth right to pause playing media.. Smiley Sad





Fanfold Paper
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Re: Video/Music automatically playing/unpausing!

What's DOS?
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Re: Video/Music automatically playing/unpausing!

I am having the same problems and this problem making me really mad! In my case I am using X1 Yoga/ Gen3. I didnt have this until last week. Also, when headphone jack is used, it prevents laptop going to sleep.

I canno roll back drivers as I recently had a clean installation of windows. any help from Lenovo please!! !

Paper Tape
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Re: Video/Music automatically playing/unpausing!

Download the version from softpedia and then manually update it from that download. It worked for me. Make sure you choose to "Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer" instead of having the computer browse for you.

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