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Blue Screen Again
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Re: Voluntary Recall Lenovo X1 Carbon 5th Generation

Some new updates on my X1 recall adventure.


So after nearly 1.5 months, the replacement top cover finally arrived at ASI, the *primary service partner* of Lenovo in Manhattan, NYC, as listed by the Lenovo recall website.


I thought now they just need to put it together and I can pick up my laptop soon, right? Wrong. It turned out one of the base cover screw socket is located on the fan unit, which was one of the stripped ones, apperently the technician at ASI didn't notice that socket (there are only 5 screws on the base cover) when he or she worked on my unit a month ago and just realized it now, they have to order a new fan unit which will cause addtional delay. What a competent company is ASI? You had only five screws to inspect and you literally missed 20% of those.


Let me break this situation down to you guys: I spent nearly 2000 USD for a work laptop in the hope for efficiency and reliability, my X1 has 1 TB SSD and 16 GB ram, since I need these capacities for work. A simple recall inspection at Lenovo's pimary service partner broke the screws of the base cover and I haven't seen my laptop with all its data on it for 1.5 months and counting, and no parties involved felt responsible in anyway for the loss of time and additional complication I had to deal with, no compensation for anything what so ever, that is after I directly pointed out the level of ridiculessness of the situations to boths representatives of Lenovo and ASI system integration. They just said sorry for that, nothing can be done other than wait.


This is the level of the  customer care you get from Lenovo, and btw, any reviews I wrote about my experience on the main webiste for the 5th gen X1 carbon were "moderated" out. Even when I described how much I loved that laptop and how great it is when it was working and I am only unhappy about the after-sale sevice.



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