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Paper Tape
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Warranty nightmares

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I bought my X201 and spent a lot of time in USA. I wanted to have a warranty for one more year and bought 41C9166 (product number)  1YR Onsite (description) for $39.00 with Order Number: 2H2J8P with Order date and time: 2H2J8P 02/15/11  15:19:32.


Still, for my laptop it says that Base warranty Expired on 3/19/11 (one year after i bought it).


That information is almost impossible to find on the lenovo web site. If i go and check for the warranty it says it is not in the database. But if i go and try to upgrade it then it says it's expired.


I wonder what my $39.00 order means. Probably nothing. There is no email to complain. Web site is network of disconnected islands. I needed to register here to comment. Nightmare.


Huh. I'm happy i didn't have any problems with computer (except battery all in sudden got to 20% of original capacity).


This is my 3rd thinkpad. I love it. But this kind of nightmare of support can easily make me change my decision for my next laptop.


Yes, i know this is absolutely meaningless post.


Thank you very much


P.S. The spell check on this site is patetic. And yes, i wrote this message in the wrong part of the forum. One because it is not technical issue and second because i have x201. Heh. Whatever.

Lenovo Staff
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Re: Warranty nightmares

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Hi Marcell

Welcome to our peer-to-peer Community!

So sorry to learn about your frustration. Just to ascertain something - you are trying to find out what 'onsite warranty' means?


Anyway here is a previous discussion on this topic. Hope it helps! 

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Re: Warranty nightmares

the one year onsite you got just upgraded your warranty from the depot warranty you got (where you send the laptop to the depot) to the onsite (where technician comes to your house or business during weekday working hour).

If you want an extra year you need the 2 years warranty, which gives you two years in total.

Jin Li

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Paper Tape
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Registered: ‎10-19-2011
Location: Toronto
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Re: Warranty nightmares

I feel your frustration. It's pathetic that they don't have at least an support email. I hate it that they expect you to got the forums to find the solutions to your problems. They are great computers though.


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Re: Warranty nightmares

this statement is on the warranty upgrade page "Note that these upgrades do start, retroactively, to the purchase date of your system."

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