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What happened to media hotkeys - X1 Yoga?

I just received my new X1 Yoga today & am pretty impressed so far.  (Am coming from T400s/Win7 machine, so it's been quite a jump!)


But-- I noticed the Fn+arrow keys no longer control any media I have playing!  For example, if I had Spotify playing in a window on a different desktop & wanted to pause/play/forward/backward, there's no easy shortcut key combo to do this?


Also, I love that now --at long last-- multiple desktops appear to be built into Win10.  But for the life of me, I can't figure out the hotkey combo to easily send an active window to another desktop.  You'd think "Ctrl+Win+Shift+arrow" would do it, but it doesn't.  Does anyone have any pointers?


So far, I've read through the below, but no avail.  The Google has also failed me (though maybe I'm not searching for the right keywords?)  Thanks in advance!

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Re: What happened to media hotkeys - X1 Yoga?

You gota press F buttons without FN since in x1 Carbon  and x1 yoga try have set so function keys works without FN but this can me changed in bios so f keys works as normal.

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