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What laptop to get? Strong or light?

I'm having a hard time deciding whether I should go all out and get the X1 extreme or be a bit more conservative and go with X1 Carbon or something similar or even lighter. My concern is that if i get a powerful laptop, it will be heavier, run hotter and have less battery power. However I do like a big screen and there may be some times I need the horsepower.


My load would include running VM(s) with development tools and databases and some admin related stuff. Nothing crazy but there are times where the CPU/RAM usage gets high. I'm taking a break to go back to school full time so i will be lugging the thing around.


For the last few years I've been using a 13 inch MacBook pro from work which has been quite a nice experience. Before that I used to own a Lenovo T420? quite a long time ago and loved it. As much as I'm dreaming about the top of the line, i'm also thinking it may be a burden (and loud fans) and that a lighter smaller laptop i can just grab and run with may be just fine.


I'm interested to hear people's experiences with the various laptops they got here and how they played out in the long run.


- Paul

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Re: What laptop to get? Strong or light?

Hi PolishPaul,

Do you game or render graphics oftenly? As the X1 Extreme has a dedicated GPU.

With a more powerful laptop, it will be less taxing compared to a less powerful laptop running the same load, hence possibly less heat compared to the less powerful laptop.


You may get 1-2 hours more with the lighter X1 Carbon. However, with fast-charging laptop nowadays, I do not really have much concern on the battery life.

The X1 Extreme is still slightly lighter compared to T420, and weighs similar of a 15" MacBook Pro.

It also depends if you would go more than 16GB of RAM for your work. 

Based on your scenario, and potentially may require more than 16GB of RAM. I would recommend X1 Extreme.

Warmest Regards,


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